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Bad Start To 2006

Hey Peeps, and anyone else checking in - if this is your first time, please consider visiting yahoo site. A special "Hey" goes out to Ms. Hazel Mae.

I am enjoying the last glass of my Christmas bottle of port and hating the fact that I have to go back into work tomorrow. For anyone who may be interested, the port is Taylor and Fladgate 20 Year Old Porto...nice, especially with almonds - definitely a must-try.

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So yesterday's Hazies went to some NFL players that had particularly good years - in my eyes. For those of you that have read the Monday Recap before, you know that we present Hazies to those who I think had outstanding performances over the past week (aka Hazel's Heroes). On the flip side, there are those who qualify in the category of "Not-So-Heroic" (you get the gist).

So before I go into this week's notables, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Dick Vermeil - yes, weepy Dick Vermeil of Hazel's Chiefs - deserved mention as he resigned from his position. Vermeil's career has been relatively short and marked by exciting teams and lots of crying. Vermeil transformed the Chiefs from a boring run-oriented offence to one of the NFL's power-house offences. So I think Hazel would want to see Vermeil off with a firm handshake and a Hazie. On to the flip side of the Hazies.

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This has been a particularly bad year for NFL coaches - with seven having been fired over the last three days. The following NFL Bench Bosses got their walking papers:

Mike Tice of the Vikings was let go on Sunday; just two hours after the Vikings beat the Bears. This firing, while surprising to some, did not surprise me in the least - it was justified and a long time coming. This is more an indictment of his full term with the Vikings vs. what they did this year. Tice should have been fired last year, but talk was that Red McCombs didn't want to take the hit financially and decided to keep Tice while he tried to sell the team. The Vikings under Tice have been nothing short of a disappointment - often starting fast only to crumble and fade away. Tice's biggest mistake? Choosing Culpepper over Moss. Oh yeah, and giving the players the day off to take a little cruise. Verdict - Deserved, the right call was made.

Mike Sherman of the Packers was let go yesterday; after the Packers worst season in recent memory. Another firing that was a long time coming...Sherman took over a Super Bowl calibre team from Mike Holmgren - and sat back and watched them get progressively worse until this year. Sherman watched the team get older and slower - failing to make personnel decisions to help the team stay competitive (they have relied on Favre for the last couple of years). Sherman is not the coach to lead the Packers through the rebuilding process...Its time for the Packers to start over, with a new QB and a new coach. Verdict - Deserved, the right call was made.

Mike Martz of the Rams was let go - even though he missed most of the season to due health problems. The talk is a personality conflict with the front office is the reason Martz was terminated. I don't get this one - Martz made the Rams exciting (even when Vermeil led them to Super Bowl), guiding them to the playoffs four times...including a Super Bowl. Martz is expected to wind up with the Saints (wherever they are playing) - hello Matt Leinhart? Verdict - Undeserved, a bad decision was made. The Saints just said Thank you.

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Speaking of the Saints, Jim Haslett was also fired on Monday. I can't even fathom what this guy had to go through, trying to pull this team together and focus as they played 16 road games. To make things even more difficult, he lost his number 1 RB Deuce MacAllister; add to that the inconsistency of Aaron Brooks - how could he have won? I know there are no excuses for coaches...but I'm not sure anyone could have held this one together...not even the Bills (Belichek and Parcells). Verdict - Undeserved, not after the extenuating circumstances this year. Hello Mike Martz and Matt Leinhart.

Dom Capers was let go by the Texans. Tough to figure out what happened to the Texans...I thought they were up and comers with their triplets. I don't know how their D ended up being so bad - especially under a former defensive coordinator like Capers. At least they are gettting Reggie Bush...right? Dom did that right. Verdict - Deserved (I guess), they should have shown more this year.

Norv Turner was let go by the Raiders. Turner has been one of the best offensive coordinators in the NFL over the last 15 years - he has never been able to make the transition as a head coach. They had the offensive firepower to make things happen this year - they didn't. I mentioned last week that one of the reasons the Raiders were so bad was Norv...I hate saying that, because he was instrumental in the development of Troy Aikman - and two Super Bowls. Verdict - Deserved, the Redskins can attest to how great of a guy Turner is...but they would be the first to say he isn't a head coach.

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The seventh coach fired was Steve Mariucci - I said my peace on him after he was fired. Six firings and I think four of them were deserved...should be an interesting off-season.

I would like to submit one more name that should be fired. Marty Schottenheimer of the Chargers should be canned too. I couldn't believe he played Brees on Saturday - in what was a nothing game for both teams (I know I took San Diego to cover). When I saw Brees go down, my first thought was "That's gotta suck...to go into an off-season of surgery and rehab...thanks for nothing Marty." The guys on PTI - Cornheiser and Wilbon - brought up a good point; Brees injury means that the Chargers can't do anything with Rivers or Brees and essentially have eaten up their cap room. They echoed my thoughts when they said he should be fired. I have said this before...will say it again - Marty Schottenheimer will NEVER lead a team to a Super Bowl win...EVER. Kansas City Chiefs fans will attest to that - right Hazel? (Actually, I wonder if Hazel was a Chiefs fan back then).

As yesterday's Hazies were not given out based on Sunday's game performances...neither will Sunday's "Not-So-Heroic" be named either. However, a couple of dudes stuck out for actions that qualify them as...well...you insert the word.

Clinton Portis of the Redskins. Great game...weak TD celebration. Did anyone get a load of the weak attempt to simulate CPR on the ball? Clinton, that celebration has been done to death - Chad Johnson and many others have done it - its old; as old as Brunell. Thankfully, this weekend the only CPR simulation we'll see on the field is when Derrick Brooks hammers your can into the turf. CLEAR! POMMMFFFFF

Steve Smith of the Panthers. I don't know what that shuffle - shuffle dance was...but that was week (worthy of a drunken redneck in a wedding video). I don't know why teams don't call Buddy Ryan in and pay him a consulting fee to give them a crash course of the 46 D the Bears employed in 85 (sorry Patriot fans...I remember Eason - I lost 100 bucks on that game). Smith should be double teamed and pounded into the ground.

Brad Johnson of the Vikings. Anybody get a load of this guy and the celebrations on Sunday? Those lame ducks he was tossing up there would have been eaten up by the Bears A team. You would have thought he won the Super Bowl, playing against some of the Bears B team...he looked so happy, you would have thought he was on the Vikings Love Boat.

Now Playing... You'll Be A Woman Soon - Edwin Collins...one of my favourites - I'm gonna keep my mouth shut. But speaking of being a woman...read on

Marcus Vick, brother of Ron Mexico, made news again...again for the wrong reason. Vick stomped on the leg of Louisville Cardinals Elvis Dumervil. Vick was unapologetic after the game, passing off the incident as an accident. I wonder if he would feel the same if someone did it to him next year. This guy is trouble...plain and simple.

A-Hole of the week goes to a dude named Boxscore - for a comment that was irresponsible, offensive and juvenile (not posting the site it was on) - jerk.

Note to Adam: Can I change the "Not-So-Heroic" label? This being nice stuff is kinda painful! Any suggestions? Check in to yahoo when you get a chance.Hope things are good for you.

Well, that is about it for tonight. If you have any suggestions or nominees - feel free to comment. Have a great one peeps...keep checking into yahoo - more stuff to be posted.

Hazel I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Night on Hazelspeeps - for the NFL coaches who were let go, but will undoubtedly rebound from this latest setback, whether warranted or not...a little bit of cheese

Tubthumping - Chombawomba

I get knocked down
But I get up again
I get knocked down
No you're never gonna keep me down

Check in tomorrow for 2006's first edition of the Weird and Whacked Wednesday.

Peesth Out!


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