Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hazel Karma Kicks

Hey Peeps, and anyone else checking in tonight. A special "Hey" goes out to Ms. Hazel Mae.

The Canadian Junior team won the gold medal tonight with a 5 - 0 win over the Russians. Team Canada dominated the Russian, considered by many to be the co-favourites along with the U.S. (I won't talk about what happened to Kessel and Co. today vs. Finland) Russian wonderkid Evgeni Malkin, often referred to as the best player in the world outside the NHL, was shut down tonight; his team thoroughly dominated.

Team Canada goalie Justin Pogge (a Maple Leafs draft pick) recorded his 3rd shutout of the tournament - and set a record for consecutive shutout minutes. Pogge stoned the Russians time after time when the game was scoreless.

A bit of controversy though, TSN keeps talking about the Russian goal that was disallowed. The Russians, down 2 - 0, scored a goal that referees didn't see. The puck was dropped before video replay officials called down - Officials from the Russian Ice Hockey Federation visited TSN's production truck demanding a video copy of the goal. The Russians will undoubtedly point to that goal as the turning point...but the truth of the matter is that they were frustrated, dominated, and ultimately castrated (so to speak). I just wish Pierre Maguire would stop butchering the English language on the broadcast.

Tonight's Maguire-ism: with a Russian player faking an injury - "That's embellishment, that's the personification of embellishment" - "Staal playing with Ryan Parent was gigantic" ummmm ok Pierre, thanks.

And speaking of thanks...the underdog Jr. Team should be saying "Thank you Hazel." Hazel Karma kicks ass. Speaking of which...

The Bruins beat the Senatards 4 - 2 tonight, the second time in a little over a month. The short-handed Senatards tied the game at 2, on a short-handed goal by Mike Fisher in the 3rd...but former Leaf draft pick Brad Boyes scored the game winner later in the period. Travis Green, a noted Senatard killer, added an empty netter. Dany Heatley spent a good part of the game whining - he looked lost without Spezza and Alfredsson...he definitely is NOT a creator - he is a product of his linemates. Senatards weasel Chris Neil spent the night being a tough guy against a bunch of the Bruins' lightweights...but wasn't nearly as brave against some of the B's tougher players - typical Neil.

Speaking of the Bruins...

While the Team 1200 "Senatards' gang of 3" (Bruce Garrioch, Chris Stevenson, and Dave Schreiber) spent the pre-game show crapping all over the Bruins and their management...the talked about a rumour floating around Boston that GM Mike O'Connoll and Coach Mike Sullivan would both be fired and replaced by Ray Bourque and Cam Neely. More on that in a second..

Garrioch for his part called it a joke, saying that while O'Connoll and Sullivan have both lost the respect of their team - Bourque and Neely have no business running the hockey team. Schreiber rightly pointed to the fact that Harry Sinden's influence in the organization makes it tough for anyone to come in and right the Bruin ship. Stevenson, a half-wit at the best of times, chimes in to disagree with Garrioch - saying that maybe the Bruins need Neely and Bourque - to sell it to their fans as a connection to past days of glory. Ummmm...ok Chris, but following that logic - didn't O'Connoll play on some of the good Bruin teams in the past? Wasn't Sinden the GM? Is that not a connection to past days of glory? Ottawa sports media...meh.

Hazel, you could come on back to Canada and clean up this mess known as Ottawa sports media...on second thought, while it would be great to have you here - you are so beyond this dreck.

Now for the rumour about Neely and Bourque running the Bruins - Boston can't be serious, you can't want this...make your feelings known. Let's face it, they were both GREAT Bruins (growing up a Leaf fan #1 and a Hab hater#2 - I loved watching Neely stick it to them) they have never run a professional hockey team; and let's face it, Harry Sinden is going to be there. I hope these two don't tarnish their reputation by trying to right a sinking ship. Oh well, it's almost baseball season huh Boston? Let's not talk baseball tonight.

Shaun Alexander was named the AP NFL MVP today. Did I not say in Monday's post that he should be the MVP? I'll leave it at that. NFL Pool this weekend - I'm thinking New England -8.5 on Saturday and the Bengals on Sunday...but both could change. Help!

I'm wrapping it up for the night. Have a great one peeps...remember to post your picks on the yahoo site.

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world...and I hope you had an eye on our Juniors tonight.
Song of the Night on Hazelspeeps - for the Canadian Jr. Team, who were not expected to win tonight...TSN picked it, and I think it fits

Heroes - The Wallflowers

We can be heroes, for just one day
We can be, yes, its just for one day

Peesth Out!


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