Monday, January 02, 2006

Last Day Of New Year's Vacation

Hey Peeps, and anyone else checking in. As always, a special "Hey" goes out to Ms. Hazel Mae.

Big college football day south of the border today...kicking off at 11 am. Not that it matters, but I took both Alabama and Iowa to win outright today, by 4 or more (think of it as my contribution to Ontario government).

NHL afternoon too - Bruins and Flyers...Meh. Wonderbaby Sidney "Louganis" Crosby brings his high dive act to the ACC tonight for a matchup against Toronto.

I'm still hating the NFL today.

Take note: If you want to discuss something important, go the distance and talk in person. You stand a much better chance of getting what you want. Not everyone will agree with you but your point will be well considered. 4 stars

I ask you...WHO wouldn't agree with Hazel's viewpoint? Certainly not I! All in all...seems like a good day in store.

Have a great one peeps...back later with this week's Hazies.

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Morning on Hazelspeeps - no particular reason other than the fact I heard it this morning...still liking it (download it, its worth it)

We Belong Together (Remix) - Mariah Carey with guest rappers

Peesth Out!


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