Saturday, January 14, 2006

Faulked Over

Hey Peeps, and anyone else checking in. Hazel..."Hey"

I can't believe how that second half unfolded - I'm still laying this one at the foot of Faulk; that fumble was a killer - inexcusable, unforgiveable, and ultimately the turning point. Yes, they had chances to take over the game - but that fumble set Denver up...the Broncos would not have been in the game.

I am sorry New England, I feel your pain - to see some of the stalwarts on the team mess up...I just don't know what to say.

A bad night all around...Leafs lost too. Damn.

I'm outta here...gonna go drown my sorrows with a couple of family members that are here...I want to see Manning and the Colts kick the snot out of Jake Plummer and John Lynch. I guess I'm taking I'm left with the Seahawks now.

Have a good weekend peeps...

Hazel, I hope things are ok in your world...after this weekend, I could see things being a little tough.

Peesth Out!


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