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Happy Heatley Day!

Hey Peeps, and anyone else checking in for this edition of Weird and Whacked Wednesdays. For those of you who have happened upon this page for the first time, Wednesday entries are used to recap some of the weird, the whacked and the downright silly events and occurances in the world of sports from the past seven days. I hope you find the entry relatively amusing if not informative.

As always, a special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae!

So you may (or may not) be wondering to yourself - "What's with the title? Happy Heatley Day? What the #@$#@#????" Well my friend/reader/accidental visitor/or random blogger I will tell you - as this is the lead entry for this Wednesday's entry.

If you have been a regular reader of this page - you will have heard the name "Erin Nicks"; for those of you that don't know who she is, let me give you a bit of info. Erin Nicks is a freelance journalist who writes a Sunday column for the Ottawa Sun...some of her articles good, some point out the obvious - and some are just downright silly. Case in point, her article in the Jan. 8/2006 edition of the Sun.

Nicks talked about how fans of the Atlanta Thrashers showed no class in booing Dany Heatley during a Sens/Thrashers game last week. Nicks admonished the Atlanta fans for booing Heatley - saying that they showed no class in booing a player who, because of an unfortunate event, could not continue playing in the city that was a reminder of a painful time in his life. Nicks then went on to wonder how fans could be so callous against a guy like Heatley, and yet not boo money hungry players like Hossa who quit on a city/team because of money.
I almost never do this, but I can't begin to tell you how stupid I thought the whole article minimize what happened with Dany Heatley is insulting.

First off, I don't think fans in Atlanta booed him for any other reason than his desire to leave the city - and subsequent bitch slapping of Atlanta fans after coming to Ottawa ("nice to play in front of real hockey fans")

Second, It wasn't an unfortunate event - it wasn't that anticeptic and clean - it was the death of another human being. The very fact that Nicks minimizes the accident, caused through Heatley's own negligence, is disgusting - talk about media schills...pathetic doesn't even begin to describe the argument.

Third, to try to make the argument that an athlete leaving a team for financial reasons is somehow more dispicable than someone who the life of a friend into his own hands with reckless driving - and subsequently lost it...well, there are no words to describe it.

Nicks ended the article by asking Ottawa fans to show themselves to be a cut above Atlanta fans...Nicks asks fans of the Sentards to not boo Marian Hossa in his, Nicks instead suggests that fans show Heatley how much they love him by putting their energy into cheering Heatley...ignore Hossa and cheer Heatley...a Dany Heatley Day she suggests.

What a pile of dreck...and I can't believe the Sun published it.

Joe Thornton's return to Boston was short-lived to say the least. Thornton was ejected 5+ mins into the game for a hit on Bruins D Hal Gill, that the referee deemed to be "intent to injure" - Joe got a 5 minute major, a ten minute misconduct and a match penalty. Thornton was interviewed after the game and denied any intent to injure Gill - when interviewed after the game, Gill thought the penalty was excessive, and said he didn't think Thornton was out to hurt him. In a minor sideline - the Bruins lost 6 - 2. I would love to hear how Jack Edwards spins this loss - Joe had to go!

A fan of the Habs made his way onto the practice ice and skated a half lap around the rink before going in on a breakaway to take a shot on Habs goalie Jose Theodore. The trespasser identified himself only as "Raphael". I don't know if its qualifies as weird or downright silly...but it qualifies.

Funny thing about this? A Hab fan told me today...I bet most of the media hoped he would have they could complain more about Theodore AND tell Habs management to sign the guy. Montreal fans...meh.

You just knew that Terrell Owens had been quiet for far too long. The Eagles have given T.O's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, permission to seek a trade - of course no one expects any team to give up players or a draft pick for Owens.

Jacksonville Jags WR Reggie Williams was served a notice to appear in court after being caught with a small amount of marijuana on him. The charge is "possession" because he had less that 20 grams. You know where this is going right? Enough said...damn friends leaving pot in your car. Oh yeah, to make things even better - Williams was caught during "a routine traffic stop"... ah huh. I've heard that before. Ladies (Renee, Tina Hazel et al) and Gentlemen (and you too DJames) meet "Cheech"... now I want to take a moment to introduce you to "Chong", read on...

Former Missouri RB Zachary Abron was charged with felony possession of marijuana - yep F-E-L-O-N-Y. See, the former all-time school rushing leader was found to be in possession of 14.4 OUNCES of pot. For those of you who are wondering "What is that compared to Reggie Williams?" 14.4 ounces of marijuana is roughly 400 GRAMS...that's almost a damn LB (by that I mean a POUND - not a linebacker)

I wonder if our girl Renee could wade in here to confirm - Hazel could wade in too. Seems like Stanford Cardinal football players and coaches were found to be taking potential recruits to strip clubs in. The whacked part of this - players and coaches submitted receipts from a place called New Century Theater...receipts for a strip club. I wonder if they give receipts for lap dances - oh wait...they don't do that stuff in the U.S. huh? I won't ask the obvious question...and DJAMES, if you are reading - bite your damn tongue and leave Renee alone! hahaha

Wisconsin reserve running back Booker Stanley is a prime example of a football player NOT getting along with the beautiful girls (for those of you that don't know...that was a song back in the days of old farts like my friend's dad - You gotta be a football hero..."), but I digress.

Seems that Booker has been charged with - get this - sexual assault, battery AND (for good measure) bail jumping. All this while he is facing battery and disorderly conduct charges for his role in a fight at a block party last spring. One bad dude our friend gotta read this one.

In other news - Maurice Clarett waived his right to a preliminary hearing - he will be charged with using a gun to rob two people of a cell phone.

Miguel Tejada has taken back everything he said - he doesn't really want to be traded, he wants to stay in Baltimore and help them win. Does this sound to you like the Manny Ramirez that Sox fans know and love/hate? (Can't you just hear Hazel saying Rrrrrameeerrrrez?) Count on it...Tejada is going to be traded, he's going to Boston - watch. Oh, and before you say anything - it WON'T be for Manny...I think Miggy and Manny stay. Watch...

That's about it for this week...if I have missed anything, please let me know.

Have a great one peeps...

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Night on Hazelspeeps - For Erin Hicks and her empassioned plea to fans of the Senatards...For "Raphael" who tried to pal around with the Canadiens...For Drew Rosenhaus and Terrell Owens as they look for a new team...For Booker Stanley and those close to him (like his girlfriend)...for Joe Thornton who didn't mean to hurt Hal Gill...and for the members of Hazelspeeps (particularly Renee) who ask Hazel - for the younger readers of the page

Why Can't We Be Friends? - Smash Mouth (originally performed by War)

Peesth Out!


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