Saturday, December 03, 2005

Sunday's NFL Picks

Hey Peeps, and anyone else checking in. Hey Hazel, if you are peeking in, I could really use your help here...any input would be appreciated.

Maybe its just me, with the way this season is going for me in the spreads pool...every week seems freaking hard. So I will submit Sunday's picks, I have always won at least one week in this pool - week 13 is as good as any.

Dip It - Christina Milian ft. Fabolous...which my picks better be this friggin week. Be kinda nice to hear your girl singing this song to ya huh?

16) Arizona -2.5 over SAN FRAN - I know what I said in the straight up pool...its a different ball of wax when I comes to spreads - I'm taking Warner and Hazel's WRs Fitzgerald and Boldin against that awful 49er D...Arizona winning on the road - only against a rookie QB. Tina (Hazelspeeps member) and Gentlemen I give you Alex Smith.

15) NEW ENGLAND -10.5 over NY Jets - Brady coming off a bad game, at home (with Hazel in attendance????) against a Jets team being lead by Bollinger? The Jets are gonna have to face the wrath of Brady.

Saturday Night - The Razorbacks...Hazel must have heard these guys once or twice when she was in University...this song used to be the "get the hell out song" at the Brunswick house.

14) CAROLINA -3.5 over Atlanta - The Panthers have come off some indifferent performances on the road...they face another bunch of road wimps...Ron Mexico and the Falcons. Steve Smith burns the Falcons and the Panthers stack eight in the box to stuff Dunn and control Mexico.

Stand Inside Your Love - Smashing of my top 20 songs of all time.

13) MIAMI -3.5 over Buffalo - Saban isn't going to let his team lose to J.P. Losman and the Bills...McGahee gets stuffed...and Miami plays field position football to ride Mare to a six point win.

12) Washington -2.5 over ST. LOUIS - The Skins' D is a world apart from Houston's. Mr. Fitzpatrick...its almost midnight - in other words lights out. Portis might make Hazel's Monday's Heroes list. Here's hoping that Stephen Jackson has a decent game for Hazel's Cowboys.

11) Seattle -4.5 over PHILADELPHIA - The Seahawks have will look to bury last year's NFC Champs and this year's Chumps. Alexander runs for two more TDs against a depleted Eagles D...Seattle plays on a slanted field on Monday night.

10) Tampa Bay -3.5 over NEW ORLEANS - Lil' Simms manages the game while the Bucs D makes Sunday miserable for Brooks. I'm taking the Bucs D more than anything.

Unchain My Heart - Ray Charles

09) Green Bay +7.5 over CHICAGO - Bears win, but I'll take Favre over keep it close at least. The Pack will stick with the run to at least try to play action...they score a late touchdown to make it close. Like I said before...when i was gambling, I would have looked at this as a trap game.

08) KANSAS CITY +1.5 over Denver - Grudge match, these two play each other tough - but the Chiefs have a great home record in December over the last few they will have Hazel karma...ok, fine - I'm sucking up to Hazel with this pick (if she is checking).

07) SAN DIEGO -11.5 over Oakland - The Raiders are coming apart at the seams...they were shown fighting on the bench last week. L.T. runs right through them...if Brees keeps things clean they cover..."if"

Quando Quando (Latin Beat) - Englebert Humperdinck...before you laugh, download it - its pretty damn good. Hazel would salsa to it.

06) Houston +7.5 over BALTIMORE - A late touchdown by Houston keeps this one the Ravens aren't scoring any points. Who knows? hunch pick.

05) INDIANAPOLIS -15.5 over Tennessee - Back to gambling days, we used to say "Monday Night winners end up being next Sunday afternoon's losers - I can't see it happening against the Titans...but again, those meaningless late game touchdowns make 15.5 too much to give up with any level of certainty.

04) Dallas +3.5 over NY GIANTS - I predicted a Dallas win outright...Hazel sends her good karma Bledsoe's way...Julius Jones and Marian Barber eat up clock - Roy Williams makes a couple of plays...and Dallas wins 20 - 16.

I Want To Break Free - Queen... Julius and Marion will tomorrow!

03) Jacksonville -3.5 over Cleveland - I just don't know. Count me as one of the people that likes David Garrard...he uses his feet for a late game TD. Dilfer gets stuffed by Jags D. Hey, has anyone seen Kellen Winslow Jr?

02) Cincinnati +3.5 over PITTSBURGH - Statement game for the Bengals...if they lose, they aren't taken seriously by anyone. Palmer shows the Steelers he has come of age...and he shows Hazel that Trent Green stays on the pines for Hazel's Cowboys.

Suga Suga - Baby you get so fly?

01) DETROIT +2.5 over Minnesota - The Lions aren't that bad...the Vikes aren't that good, and Brad Johnson can't keep winning. Lions D leads them to a win...Garcia makes a play or two.

There you have it...I'll be back tomorrow night to take my beating...

Warning, picks may change between now and noon eastern time. Especially if Hazel was to pipe in with her picks. Speaking of Hazel...I hope things are groovy in her world.


Peesth Out.



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