Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sunday's NFL Picks - 8 Ball Style

Hey peeps (welcome to the new members), and anyone else checking in on the first weekend after Major League Baseball's Winter Meeting - or rather, the Chickenhawk's coming out party. Blue Jay fans are talking Wild Card spot - Red Sox Nation is talking "Ramada" to keep Manny RAMirez and trade for Miguel TejADA (when it read it here first) - while the New York Yankess faithful sits in stunned silence. But more on that to come later tonight or next week - the Economics of is really very simple and very doable.

But as always, before I start with this week's rundown, a special "hey" goes out to Ms. Hazel she settles in for her NFL Sunday. Hope things are groovy in your should check out the poll results.

Ok, so if you have been here before, you know that I am growing increasingly frustrated that this NFL year in the Spreads Pool has been nothing short of awful - for my standards. I have yet to win a week this I am testing out a new way of picking. I consulted the magic 8 ball today - for information only. The question I asked the ball was as follows:

Will (insert my pick) cover the point spread of (insert number) over (insert other team)... If I have another bad week's picks are going to be magic 8 ball picks...unless of course Hazel herself chimes in from New England to provide her Week 15 choices. Without further ado...

16) N.Y. Giants -6.5 over PHILADELPHIA - after the debauchery that took place at the hands of the Seahawks, expect the Eagles to pack it in this week. No McNabb, no Westbrook, no T.O - no points. Plaxico Burress catches two TD passes as the much hated Giants win by 17.
The 8 Ball's response was - You may rely on it.

15) New England -3.5 over BUFFALO - Tom Brady vs. J.P. Losman. December. Playoff Time. Did I mention Tom Brady vs. J.P. Losman? Buffalo's season ends today as New England plays 8 in the box and Bruschi & Co. stuff the Bills like a Christmas Turkey. Whachu talking about Willis? Pats by 10.
The 8 Ball's response was - Outlook good.

14) MINNESOTA -6.5 over St. Louis - Brad Johnson is bound to come back to reality...but not against the Rams and Rookie Ryan Fitzpatrick. Vikes aren't better without Moss...but they seem to be without Culpepper. Captain Stubing couldn't have gotten this ship back on track better than Tice. Vikes by 13.
The 8 Ball's response was - Cannot predict now...then - Very doubtful.

13) CINCINNATI -12.5 over Cleveland - Carson Palmer and T.J. Houshmanzadeh combine for two more TDs for Hazel's Cowboys...Chad Johnson adds another and the Bengals maul the Browns by 17.
The 8 Ball's response was - Outlook good.

12) DENVER -14.5 over Baltimore - after last week's loss to Hazel's Kansas City Chiefs...Shanahan takes it out on Baltimore. Boller is going to get planted a few times - they won't score more than 6 points. Broncos by 20.
The 8 Ball's response was - Yes definitely.

11) Indianapolis -7.5 over JACKSONVILLE - No Leftwich, no Taylor, and Manning heads south with revenge on his mind after the Jags made him look very ordinary in Indy earlier this year. Manning doesn't let up this weekend. Colts by 13.
The 8 Ball's response was - Yes definitely.

10) Houson +6.5 over TENNESSEE - too many points to give away. Houston is bad, but with Carr, Davis and Johnson - they could keep it close. Late TD perhaps. Titans by 3.
The 8 Ball's response was - Signs point to yes.

09) GREEN BAY -5.5 over Detroit - Favre comes up big on a Sunday night game. The Lions won't like playing outside in cold, they are running out the string. Green Bay by 10.
The 8 Ball's response was - It is certain.

08) DALLAS -3.5 over Kansas City - Sorry Hazel...Cowboys need the game or they could be out of the playoffs. After 2 bad losses, Parcells has them ready. Not expecting any of Hazel's good karma to go out Bledsoe's way this week. Cowboys by 6 - Forgive me Hazel for I have sinned.
The 8 Ball's response was - Yes definitely.

07) CAROLINA -5.5 over Tampa Bay - hate this game. Two very good defences - but Carolina wears down an undersized Bucs D with the run. Julius Peppers eats lil' Simms for lunch. Carolina by 8.
The 8 Ball's response was - Better not ask now...then Very doubtful.

06) Washington -3.5 over ARIZONA - I'm not trusting Kurt Warner against a good D...yes even with Boldin and Fitzgerald. Portis controls the clock against the Cardinals...Moss makes a big play - Redskins by 6.
The 8 Ball's response was - Without a doubt.

05) Chicago +5.5 over PITTSBURGH - Bears play field position...Big Ben with a bad thumb - Bears D keeps it close and will be responsible for a TD. Steelers win by 3 or less.
The 8 Ball's response was - You may rely on it.

04) New Orleans +10.5 over ATLANTA - Ron Mexico has done nothing to show he's worth 10.5 points. New Orleans plays to a national audience and Brooks keeps it close - maybe a nothing TD at the end of the game. Atlanta by 7 (my suicide pick in straight up pool).
The 8 Ball's response was - Most likely.

03) Miami +13.5 over SAN DIEGO - L.T. has been out of practice all week. After last week's win (still hate Miami....and yes I know I said last week I hope they lose the rest of their games this season...$1,110 bucks down the drain) Dolphins keep it semi-close. Chargers by 13
The 8 Ball's response was - As I see it yes.

02) SEATTLE -15.5 over San Francisco - this should be a blowout...but remember gambler's refrain - Monday night winners are next Sunday's losers. Having said that, I'm NOT taking the 49ers. Seattle by 20
The 8 Ball's response was - Signs point to yes

01) N.Y. JETS +2.5 over Oakland - Collins sits in favour of Tuiasosopo and Oakland gives away points? Not against Curtis Martin and John Abraham. Jets win by 3.
The 8 Ball's response was - Without a doubt.

We'll see how things go - enjoy your NFL Sunday...back later with the day's results.

Hope you have a groovy Sunday Hazel.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - as I look at the 8 Ball responses...

Don't Lie - Black Eyed Peas

No no no no baby
No no no no
Don't Lie

Peesth Out.


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