Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thursday's Entries Will Be Long

I am finally finished my damn opinion piece on the firestorm John Molori's article created in New England. What do they say? Opinions are like A-Holes...everyone has one.

I know its a case of a few days late and a whole bunch of dollars short...but I figured I should throw my hat into the debate (hopefully not "much to Hazel's chagrin"). I'm going to give it one last "read over" later - I was hoping to get it to my man Adam for his initial thoughts/comments...(he is a great sounding board) but I'm going to go it alone on this one (unless he emails me before 9 pm)...I'm sure he'll check in here and see it at some point over the weekend.

I will also try to do a quick sum up of Hazel's Heroes and "Not-So Heroic" (Monday's regular entry) and an abriged Weird and Whacked Wednesday - as a heads up...Terrell Owens is off the grace list and he will definitely figure in the Wednesday post.

I am groovin' my way out of here to Nelly Furtado's "Fresh Off The Boat", from the Folklore CD (a suggested "must-buy" for Hazel).

Querida Menina, a beira do mar...
Querida Menina, vai vai vai

I am outta here...and I apologize for being a fat fat and not posting more this week (if anyone cares)...

Peesth out.


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