Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Donovan McNabb has got to be one of the biggest cry babies in the National Football League (NFL) today. Rather than facing the criticism that is duly warranted for his poor performance in the first two games of the 2007 NFL season, McNabb pulls out the race card.

McNabb's comments on "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel" was an asinine comment. From last recollection, I believe Rex Grossman is likely the most criticized quarterback in the NFL today (despite leading his team to the Super Bowl). Rather then dealing with the criticism of how he and the Phildelphia Eagles are playing, McNabb's quick reference to racism in the NFL against black quarterbacks is a means to deflect the criticism and demonstrates his lack of character as a player, role model and leader within the Phildelphia dressing room.

The chunky-soup mamma's boy should better use his time looking at his own game rather then criticizing the media for doing their job. Payton Manning had his share of criticism and will likely get his share in the years to come, as will Carson Palmer. Quarterbacks are the centerpiece of any good football team, and are the lightning rods for criticism when a team underperforms (especially offensively). This comes as part of the package of being a QB in the NFL. McNabb should simply learn to accept it and move on.

I'll say this for McNabb, he knows how to deflect attention from his bad his comments have now drawn attention to his character. While some instance of racism may be warranted, this is a poor excuse to play the race card and earns Donovan the first ASS-CLOWN of the Week award.


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