Friday, June 15, 2007

Tilt Report - LeBron Who?

After being in Barcelona for a week, I have to admit that it's good to be back in North America. Not saying that I didn't enjoy Spain, but damn it to hell - I miss Sportscenter and MLB. I also managed to miss the National Basketball Association (NBA) finals - not to say that I missed all that much, given that the Cleveland Cavaliers weren't a match for the San Antonio Spurs.

Critics may get on LeBron James, but the guy can only do so much. The Cavs wouldn't have made it to the finals without LeBron and his amazing performance in the conference championships. And to be honest, who could really match up against the Spurs lineup that boasted Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and MVP Tony Parker? Watch for the Cavs to build on the success and get one more significant player to go alongside James and emerging rookie point guard Daniel Gibson.

Football (not the North America variety) is king of sports in Europe. Barcelona does have the Barcelona Dragons that play in NFL Europe, but nothing compares to FC Barcelona. Trying to find a ticket to the game is next to impossible as a majority are sold to club members, which are equivalent to season ticket holders...except usually all 130,000 seats are hold by club members. Next in line for unused tickets by club members are fan club members (who buy tickets from club members). Talk about creating revenue streams...North American sports clubs ought to look into this model.

Alas, I'm sad to say that my Spainish vacation has ended, but not without me taking some great shots of beautiful women. Take a look for yourself...

Well before I go I better weigh in on the Leafs...If the Leafs want to give Matts Sundin a one year contract it'll be the smartest thing they do. While I love the guy and would love to see him retire in the white and blue, giving him more then a one year contract is absolutely crazy. As for the slow ass bum. With the up and coming young defencemen in the organization McCabe is a tradeable commodity.


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