Monday, April 09, 2007


For those of you who are wondering who this is - this is Lou Lamoriello, GM/Coach of the New Jersey Devils; better known today as public enemy number one in Leaf Nation.
I have made a conscious decision to avoid profanity on this page - so I'm going to keep this short and very bitter.
I can't begin to convey the level of hatred I have for this man today, his decision to sit out Martin Brodeur in a game that had playoff implications - while not "wrong" - shows a complete lack of intergrity and respect for the game.
Before you start emailing me saying that Toronto should not have counted on New Jersey to do their work for them, I understand all of that; but would you be saying the same thing if it happened to your team?
Fine Lou, you did what was best for your team; Leaf Nation will remember this - it won't be long before your team is in the same position we were in yesterday, your cap issues will come back to bite your team in the ass, and we're all hoping that we can screw right back.
You suck Lou - here's hoping that Vincent Lecavalier and the Lightning take you out in six games; you can bet we'll be celebrating.
You're a bitch Lou.


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