Monday, March 12, 2007

The March To The Playoffs Continues

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

Another stinking three point game works against Leaf Nation - the Hurricanes and Rangers went to overtime yesterday, meaning both teams moved ahead of the Maple Leafs. On the bright side, Toronto is still one point out of eighth spot with a relatively good week ahead for the good guys - Tuesday night at home to Tampa is the toughest game on the sked this week, with games in Washington and Montreal finishing out the week; we are crossing our fingers that the Leafs build on the momentum of Saturday night's win over the Tards to go 3-0 this week...I've got a good feeling about this week. Have I mentioned Hazel Karma lately?

I'm not usually one to rub salt into the wound, unless you are a fan of the Tards or the Habs, but it has to suck to be a fan of the Bruins. The Bruins drop three games in a row last week, including a loss to the Flyers, and then they come out and smoke the Red Wings in Detroit - it is enough to make you want to scream...isn't it? Well Bruins fans, don't be fooled by yesterday's big win - your team is not going to make the playoffs, so don't get your hopes up. Remember, we called it here a few weeks back so don't say we didn't warn you.

The NHL suspended New York Islanders LW Chris Simon for a minimum of 25 games, meaning that he is done for the season (playoffs included); I'm not going to argue the length of the suspension or try to make excuses for Simon - but what I will say is that, things like this are going to happen unless the NHL starts punishing guys like Ryan Hollweg who hit other players from behind. The hit on Simon should have been a boarding call - but given that the hit was on a tough guy, the refs likely let it go. Well, if you aren't going to watch out for the tough guys, and you aren't going to let them solve their beefs by grabbing a guy and beating the snot out of him for a cheap hit...their frustration is going to mount to a point where they are going to lose their minds in the heat of the moment and lash out like Simon did - its just the way the league is going. Again, not making excuses for Simon's actions - just trying to shed a little light on what led to the incident - and that doesn't even get into what could have happened earlier in the game. There are a lot of things that happen in a game that fans watching on television don't get to see - cheap shots happen all the time, and players note the number of the guy who did it to them.


Boston Bruins LW Marco Sturm had two goals and an assist to lead the B's to a 6-3 victory over the Red Wings at "The Joe" yesterday afternoon - would someone please tell these guys that they are out of the race?

San Jose Sharks G Evgeni Nabokov stopped all 22 shots he faced in a 2-0 shutout over the Edmonton Oilers yesterday - the GM for Hazel's Maeple Leafs is liking Nabokov these days...especially since we pick San Jose yesterday.

Anaheim Ducks C Andy McDonald had two goals and an assist in a 4-2 victory over Vancouver yesterday - actually we'll give it to him and RW Teemu Selanne who also had two goals and an assist...ya, good for the Three Play.


We got well last week, going 7-1 and finishing the week at + $625 - bringing the total on the year down to - $455. Tonight's suggested plays:

Atlanta over Washington - the Caps can't seem to beat anyone these days, and Atlanta will be looking to rebound after a tough loss to Florida on Saturday. Lay $100 on the Thrashers - $360.

Calgary over St. Louis - the Blues have been better of late, but they don't have enough to get it done tonight against a Calgary team that is still smarting from Saturday's loss to the Lightning - Flames get it back on track tonight. Lay $75 on Calgary - $270.

We are going to leave it at that for tonight.

That's it for this morning gang - have a great one peeps.


Leafs and Lightning tomorrow

Good artcile about Halladay's mental toughness

Get moving -- a trip will help you determine whether or not to make a change or stay put. You can expand your interests if you take an active role in a group that focuses on similar pastimes. Love is looking hot. 5 stars

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - for the SenaTards faithful, going retro with a 2007 Euro Techno update, from FIFA Trax 06

And Do You Feel Scared (The Eric Prydz Remix)
- Howard Jones

Go ahead, click the'll be humming it all day. That goes for you know who too!

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