Saturday, December 02, 2006

DJames Phone Home

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

Before I start, special message to my man DJames - PHONE HOME. I've been trying to email you and it keeps getting bounced back. Send me an email man, I have something to send to you and I need to discuss on email. You had better be checking in here DAILY.

How about we discuss what happens when two idiots have time to catch up on the radio? Yesterday, as I cabbed back to the office from a meeting, I had the misfortune to listen to the Jim Rome show. If you have read this page before, you know what I think of Jim Rome. I'll put it this way:
  • I don't like Jim Rome, I think he's an idiot. (pause five seconds for effect)

  • I think Jim Rome is an idiot, I just don't like the guy. (pause five seconds for effect)

  • I'm just not down with Jim Rome, the guy goes on and on about nothing like an idiot. (pause five seconds for effect).

  • Ya, I've heard it all before, and I don't care what my "readers" say, I just can't respect the guy - he's an idiot.
If you listen to Jim Rome, then you'll know the schtick I'm referring to. Listening to an idiot like Jim Rome is bad enough - it gets exponentially worse when his guest callers are bigger idiots. Today's Jungle Jerk Off was none other than Boston Red Sox' pitcher Curt Schilling. The more I hear this guy, the more he comes off like a shill for Red Sox Management (pardon the pun).

Schilling was on Rome's show to talk baseball, and of course the subject of Manny Ramirez being traded came up. That Jim Rome...he is one insightful guy, he asks all the tough questions - after he manages to pry his lips from his guests' asses.

Back to Schilling - good ol' Curt, who has never seen a mic he didn't want to speak into, offered his "thoughts on Manny." Schilling went on the show to say that in his humble opinion Manny didn't want to be in Boston. Curt Schilling - opinion? YES...humble? never! Schilling did his best to say that Manny wanted to be traded - without coming out and saying "Manny told me he wants out." I'm not claiming to be plugged into the Boston Red Sox clubhouse, but I have a hard time believing that Manny Ramirez would be chatting it up with Curt Schilling and telling him anything.

What Schilling was doing on the broadcast (likely with scripting from Red Sox Management) was a media relations - implying that Manny wanted out and thus had to be traded. Schilling, who never knows when to shut his big pie hole, didn't stop there - Schilling went on to tell Red Sox Nation that signing J.D. Drew wouldn't be a bad move. Good Ol' Curt (take that in the spirit it was delivered) went on to ask Red Sox Nation to give Drew a chance before hating him. I've never knew that Schilling was such a caring soul - I mean, he normally comes off as an arrogant, loud-mouth know it all. (Shut up if you are going to turn that last statement back on me! hahahaha)

What made me want to puke was Jim Rome eating that all up like he was breast feeding from his mother. Rome was all to willing to take Schilling's "observations" as clubhouse information that only players could know. Well Rome, if you got your head out of your ass, and your ass out of sunny L.A. - or just watched a few games, you'd know that Red Sox clubhouse wasn't exactly the most harmonious clubhouse in the league.

When you have current players like Schilling offering his "observations and personal thoughts", when you have guys like David Ortiz saying that it wouldn't be a problem to him if they traded Manny (which by the way I was disappointed to hear), and when you have former players talking about how things had changed - that stinks of a house divided, and a house where secrets aren't being shared. But Jim Rome is all about "the scoop" and "Jungle Karma". The worst thing about it all is that I lost somewhere between 50 - 100 brain cells listening to those idiots.

Buffalo's Ryan Miller made 36 saves, including 3 in the shootout, as the Sabres beat the New York Rangers by a score of 4-3.

New Jersey's Patrik Elias had a goal and two assists in the Devils' 5-2 victory over Sidney Crosby and the Penguins.

Detroit's Niklas Lidstrom had a goal and an assist in the Red Wings' 3-0 win over the Wild in Minnesota.

What do these three have in common? They are all on Hazel's Maeple Leafs' roster in the yahoo pool!

We had a good night last night, going 2-0 and winning $125 - lowering the total for the week to a palatable - $90; we'll finish the week in the on it! I would have posted a play on the Red Wings, had I gotten home in time last night.

We'll be back this afternoon with today's three play.

That's about it for this morning gang...enjoy your Saturday! Have a great one peeps!

Activities, dealing with people, sharing ideas, concepts and thoughts will be eye-opening. You will have a far better idea what you want to do with the rest of your life if you mingle, research options or travel. 3 stars

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world - congrats on making the "It List" in the Improper Bostonian - you look stunning on the cover shot. Have a great weekend.

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