Monday, December 04, 2006


Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

The game of the day was just that, as the Dallas Cowboys shut Jeremy Shockey and the Giants up - well, ok it wasn't a great game, but it went down to the wire with a game winning 46 yard field goal by Martin "Automatica" Gramatica. It was a clutch kick, something Cowboys' fans haven't seen in a few years; what made it all the more clutch is that he had been out of football for two years. I wonder if Mike Vanderjagt was watching.

The Cowboys go to 8-4 and look like a lock to win the division. To quote the dude on the Budweiser commercial, "The Cowboys have been around for:
  • 5 Super Bowls
  • 18 Division Championships; and
  • 10 Conference Championships;

A few shockers yesterday:

Vince Young just made the Manning brothers his bitches with another come from behind win against the Colts; down 14-0 to Peyton Manning, Young and the Titans kept coming and won it on a last second field goal.

The Cleveland Browns score two TDs in the last nine minutes and win it in overtime against Hazel's Kansas City Chiefs, overcoming four TD passes from Trent Green. The Chiefs are still in the mix in terms of their playoff hopes...but they'll look back at yesterday's game and hate themselves for blowing that one.

The Arizona Cardinals spanked the St. Louis Rams yesterday, and perhaps the most shocking thing from the game was that Edgerrin James finally showed up. That may be more of a case of how bad the Rams D is as opposed to James' still having game.

Tennessee Titans PK Rod Bironas hits a 60 yard field goal to win the game against Peyton Manning and the Colts - the second game in a row he has sunk one of the Mannings with a long range bomb. Hazel has been in Boston long enough to hate the I think she'd be down with giving the thumbs up to Bironas. Honourable mention goes to Martin Gramatica and Josh Brown of the Seahawks who also had last second game winners.

New Orleans RB Reggie Bush finally had his breakout game in a blowout win over the 49ers. Bush rushed for 37 yards and three TDs, and had 131 receiving yards with another TD. Welcome to the NFL Reggie...USC could have used you on Saturday night.

NY Islanders forward Viktor Kozlov had four goals in a 7-4 victory over the Rangers. We had to throw in one hockey player.

Apologies for last night's entry - I should have left well enough alone...but I'm hoping that very few people saw those picks in time to play them. Ok, we had our first losing week, so the balance sheet after five weeks still stands at + $310. Man, Anaheim has absolutely killed us this year.

Let the healing begin tonight gang.

Montreal over Boston - I'm still hating the Habs...but they get it done tonight against the Bruins. Lay $50 on the Habs - $200.

Nashville over Phoenix - Nashville dropped their last one to the Blackhawks, so you know they'll take it out on the Coyotes. Lay $50 on Nashville - $150.

Carolina -3.5 over Philadelphia - If you feel you can't watch the game without choosing sides. I keep telling everyone, the Eagles are counterfeit - with or without McNabb. Lay $25 on the Panthers.

I also like San Jose over Dallas and Vancouver over Edmonton...but we'll keep it to three tonight.

That's about it for this morning...have a great one peeps!

Take a look at your life and you will soon discover that, with a few minor adjustments, you can make things much easier. Good fortune appears to be headed your way, leading to an opportunity to make improvements at home. 4 stars

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - after a bad week on the Three Play, this song really kicks...and we'd like to think that Hazel can do a little alternative rock once in a while.

Kiss On The Mouth - Our Lady Peace

I love it, I hate it, I feel like a whore
I give it, I take it, I come back for more
I build it, I break it, I even the score

It feels like it beats you up,
If feels like it knocks you out,
It feels like a kiss on the mouth.

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!


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