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NFL Picks

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

I should have posted these earlier - but there is still plenty of time before kickoff tomorrow. Here are the NFL picks for the week. Before I post them, the "Straight Up" pool looks pretty open and shut this week - so it should be a relatively good week. The "Spreads" pool is another matter though, most of the spreads are inflated this week - beware the backdoor cover.


14) CHICAGO over Miami - Joey Harrington is going to be in for a long day Sunday. He has a history of folding against pressure defences, and they don't get much better than the Bears. "Happy Feet" Harrington is going to look like he is auditioning for Dancing With The Stars. The Bears have too much on both sides of the ball.

13) NY GIANTS over Houston - same as the Bears; Giants have too much on both sides of the ball. Expect Manning to have a big game in the air tomorrow - expect the Texans to be the Texans and get blown out.

12) SAN DIEGO over Cleveland - the Bolts defence will dominate Charlie Frye and the Browns - even without Merriman. There aren't many teams that can stop Tomilinson - the Browns don't even come close to being a team that can.

11) JACKSONVILLE over Tennessee - David Garrard proved to be a nice replacement for Byron Leftwich - so that bodes well for the Jags this week. Tennessee is getting better, but they aren't ready for the Jags D.

10) SEATLLE over Oakland - the Seahawks proved that they can still score without Hasselbeck and Alexander - the Raiders haven't proven that they can score on a consistent basis. I can't see Oakland coming out of the Pacific Northwest with a win.

09) Atlanta over DETROIT - Detroit's only win was a three point victory over the struggling Bills; that isn't saying much. Atlanta on the other hand is coming off of victories over the Steelers and the Bengals. Ron Mexico is throwing the ball these days - trouble for Detroit.

08) Minnesota over SAN FRANCISCO - the Vikings were humiliated by the Patriots on Monday night, so expect them to take it out on the 49ers. Brad Johnson won't face the same amount of pressure the Patriots applied - so expect him to have a better game. The 49ers don't have much on either side of the ball.

07) Dallas over WASHINGTON - ROMO, ROMO, ROMO! Dallas is coming off a huge win over Carolina and are up against their arch-rival. The Redskins are banged up and don't have many options going into tomorrow's game. Expect Dallas' defence to dominate.

06) NEW ENGLAND over Indianapolis - this is a statement game for the Patriots, with home field advantage in the AFC riding on this game. The difference in this game will be the defences - New England D usually steps up when they are called upon, the Colts D just looks to Manning to bail them out.

05) BALTIMORE over Cincinnati - the Bengals are a mess right now and I can't see them getting it done on the road against a very tough Ravens defence. Baltimore's offence seems to be responding to have Billick call the plays.

04) ST. LOUIS over Kansas City - I know I keep saying I won't pick against the Chiefs...but dammit Hazel, your Chiefs aren't very good on the road. Bulger and the Rams have a big day in the dome.

03) New Orleans over TAMPA BAY - the Saints slipped up last week against the Ravens, it won't happen again. Plus, Drew Brees is playing with a chip on his shoulder - he's mad at his mom!

02) Denver over PITTSBURGH - I'm taking Denver's defence to frustrate and confuse Roethlisberger on Sunday. Plummer "manages" Denver to a win.

01) BUFFALO over Green Bay - Buffalo's defence has to come back to life, no better place to do it than at home. Green Bay has been playing better of late - but not that much better.

Like I said, this week's pool looks pretty straightforward - the spreads pool is a different matter. I don't know what I like this weekend - meaning this will be one of those screwed up weeks where I win 10-12.


16) Atlanta -5.5 over DETROIT - with Ron Mexico masquerading as a QB these day, Detroit won't be able to play eight in the box. Warrick Dunn scores two TDs tomorrow and the Falcons roll.

15) ST. LOUIS -2.5 over Kansas City - I know I don't have St. Louis very high up in the straight up pool - I had to have my spreads pool picks in Thursday. I'm liking Bulger in the dome.

14) Minnesota -5.5 over SAN FRANCISCO - I think the Vikings are going to run Chester Taylor down the Niners' throat. The Vikes D has enough to stuff Alex Smith.

13) New Orleans -1.5 over TAMPA BAY - too many options on the Saints offence - not enough on the Bucs offence. Brees makes up for his game against the Ravens with a big one tomorrow.

12) CHICAGO -13.5 over Miami - the Dolphins are in a shambles, so expect Grossman and the Bears to steamroll Saban's sad sacks.

11) Dallas -3.5 over WASHINGTON - Parcells will make sure the Boys are ready to play against an injury riddled Redskins team. Dallas defence dominates Brunnell like they did earlier this season.

10) NEW ENGLAND -2.5 over Indianapolis - a statement game for the Patriots; and you know what Brady is like in big know what Manning is like in big games - you figure it out.

09) NY GIANTS -13.5 over Houston - I can't see the Giants letting up in this game with Dallas close behind - I also can't see Houston keeping up in this game, their season is over.

08) SAN DIEGO -13.5 over Cleveland - the Chargers have been winning big, which makes me worry that Schottenheimer might get stubborn and have them play "Marty-ball" - Chargers should romp in this game though.

07) Denver +2.5 over PITTSBURGH - the temptation is to pick the Steelers, expecting the defending champs to get up off the mat - don't be fooled, they aren't that good. Denver has enough on offence to get it done on Sunday.

06) BALTIMORE -3.5 over Cincinnati - I hate the half point in this one. After watching Atlanta make Cincy look ordinary, I can't see the Bengals doing much against Baltimore.

05) Green Bay +3.5 over BUFFALO - I'm not picking J.P. Losman to beat Favre by more than a field goal; but then again, I'm not picking Favre to beat the Bills defence in Buffalo. Football pools - gotta hate them.

04) Oakland +7.5 over SEATTLE - Primetime for Oakland, expect them to respond by keeping it relatively close.

03) JACKSONVILLE -9.5 over Tennessee - beware the backdoor cover. I can't see the Jags blowing the Titans out in this one.

There you have it...use at your own risk.

David Vyborny
of the Columbus Blue Jackets had two goals in regulation and one in a shootout in a 5-4 win over the very beatable Calgary Flames.

Chris Pronger of the Anaheim Mighty Ducks had a goal and two assists in a 6-2 pasting of the Phoenix Coyotes last night.

Steve Rucchin of the Atlanta Thrashers had a goal and an assist in a 4-3 win over Washington - that made me happy, because Atlanta was one of my picks yesterday.

I'll be back later with today's three play. Have a great one peeps!


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Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world and that you are enjoying your weekend.

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