Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Another Weird & Whacked Wednesday

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

For those of you who haven't been here before, Wednesday entries take a look back at some of the more "interesting" stories making news from the world of sports - you know, the stories that make us laugh at shake our heads and wonder what the principles were thinking. The stories catching our attention fall under the categories of the weird, the whacked, or the just plain dumb. I'll let you decide where each fits.

It would seem that one of the bigger problems facing English soccer these days is a growing addiction to internet porn - yes, you read that right. These young soccer stars have chosen to stay out of the bars and potential trouble - to stay home and look at boobies. I'll let you read the story...its almost laughable - but that might just be my warped sense of humour.

File this one under whacked - I'm having trouble understanding how young men who play in the most prestigious domestic soccer league in the world are turning to internet porn - when they have the world (and almost any woman they want) at their feet - nice pun huh? Hey, I know the girl are British...but Samantha Fox was pretty hot for a British girl (Hazel would get a chuckle from that, being an 80's chick).

Allegations abound in Florida about an incident involving Florida Panthers' goalies Ed Belfour and Alex Auld. There are a couple of stories about the incident which resulted in Auld going to the hospital for stitches. The first story was that Auld slipped on some water Belfour had spilled and was cut when he hit the marble floor - as they were leaving a hotel night club at 3:00 am in the morning. Specualtation, stemming from people who claim to have witness what happened, is that Belfour was drinking and got into a fight with Auld. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Belfour, he has had a number of incidents involving alcohol consumption - including one in Dallas where he tried to bribe a cop who pulled him over for DUI; Belfour allegedly offered the officer ONE BILLION (maybe million, who can tell when you are slurring) DOLLARS to let him off.

File this one under whacked - Ed Belfour and alcohol. He should have stayed in his room and surfed the internet for porn. They have free internet in five star hotels don't they?

New Orleans QB Drew Brees has asked his mother to stop using his picture in her candidacy bid for a Texas appeals court. Brees is on record as saying he told his mother he doesn't want to be involved. Read the story, this guy might be the only guy in the NFL who can't stand his mother.

File this one under just plain dumb - for Mina Brees' excuse for using her son's picture and her comment about how her son has changed. And you thought your mom embarassed you.

There were a couple of others that I'm sure you have heard about - including one from New England, a "violation" of sorts. But since Hazel is on NESN - we won't touch on that one never know who is reading.

Time to update the Hazelspeeps Pools - some shockers on the yahoo site.

Our Commish Drisc lost his first game of the season in the Hazelspeeps Fantasy Football League. Yes, the perfect season is no more, thanks to a loss to Hazel Mae's Cowboys, owned by none other that yours truly. Drisc is still the odds on favourite to win the league with a 7-1 mark though.

7-1 Fighting Bobcats - owned by Commish Drisc who claims that he predicted the beatdown he'd get by Hazel's boys.

5-3 Tina's Team - our rookie GM Tina is sitting pretty in second place, and I'm NOT just saying that cuz I've seen her pic.

4-4 Ageswimmer - owned by Bushey, who still hasn't made a peep.

4-4 Hazel Mae's Cowboys - owned by El Presidente, who is currently riding a three game winning streak.

2-6 Ithaca Commons - owned by Kevin who is still studying in New York State in hopes of becoming Hazel's personal massage therapist.

2-6 Jack O'Latern - owned by our man Hubie who is spending time visiting Planet Mikey...he deserves to lose games for that!

Watch for Hazel Mae's Cowboys to move up the standings this week!

Big changes this week in the pool - its still early so movement is expected. Biggest gainer of the week? You guess it, Hazel's Maeple Leafs owned by...

51.0 - Double DD Bandits - owned by Hubie, if you have followed the pool updates, you know this is only temporary.

43.5 - Weekend Warriors - owned by bakerboy Chris, who waded in this week to say "hey" to the peeps and show our girl Renee some love.

43.5 - Hazel's Maeple Leafs - owned by El Presidente who is looking pretty smart for picking up Tomas Kaberle of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

43.0 - Skating Bobcats - owned by Drisc, who must have thought this was the football pool and he could cruise this week.

37.5 - Hanson Brothers - owned by Sparky, who has been unusually quiet, but also popped into yahoo to show our girl Renee some love.

33.5 - Ice Bitches - owned by the much loved and much respected Renee. She'll be shooting up the standing soon.

That's a wrap for tonight. THREE PLAY UPDATE, Nashville were +120 dogs last night, so their win was worth $30, putting our total going into tonight's games at +$284.

Have a great one peeps!

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Night on Hazelspeeps - just because I too am feeling the peeps love for Renee

Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!


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