Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I'm Sorry - Wednesday Style

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

If you have been here before, you know what Wednesdays are all about here - so you can skip the preamble and move on to this week's entries. For those of you who haven't been here before, Weird & Whacked Wednesday entries take a look back at some of the more "notable" newsmakers from the world of sports. As the title implies, stories range from the weird to the whacked - with some being filed under the category of downright silly...and for those special few who go the extra mile to star in an event that defies understanding, they are filed under the category of just plain dumb. I'll let you decide where each fits.

Marseille's Mad Minator (aka Zinedine Zidane) finally broke his self-imposed silence to speak about Sunday's event - the infamous headbutt into the chest of Italy's Marco Materazzi. As expected, Zidane gave no details about what exactly Materazzi said to provoke the attack, saying only that Marco insulted Zidane's mother and sister. In his statement, Zidane apologized for reaction - but went on to say he didn't regret it; he went on to say he would appear before FIFA to reiterate what he had just say (which amounts to a big fat nothing). In case you were wondering - no, he didn't offer an apology to Materazzi...but what else would you expect from the French?

File this one under "whacked" - the whole world is waiting to hear your explanation and all you could come up with is "he insulted my mother and sister" - and the old "do you think I would be dumb enough to get kicked out of my last game without a good reason?" excuse. I'm not at all surprised by Zidane's hollow statement - especially after Materazzi threatened to sue Zidane if ZZ lied about what was actually said. To put the cherry on the sundae - Zidane's mother wants Materazzi's balls on a platter...I've heard that its a French delicacy - Italian balls on a platter...I'm guessing they would be have to be "plucked".


If the whole Zidane/Materazzi incident wasn't enough for you - Claudio Vigorelli, Materazzi's agent, thinks getting these two together at some point in the future would make for a "nice moment".

File this one under "just plain dumb". I don't think an explanation is needed for just how dumb this is.

Marcello Lippi has resigned as coach of the Italian team; taking a page out of the book of George Costanza, Lippi leaves the Azzurri and their fans on a high note after winning the World Cup Final (to be forever referred to as The "Running" of the Bull). Lippi had originally hinted that we would step down after being questioned by police in the Italian match fixing scandal (he used to coach/manage Juventus)...though he has since said that he told the Italian Federation that he would be stepping down after the game against the Ukraine.

I am going to file this one under "weird" - you win the holy grail of football, you have a country kissing your can for leading their boys to the ultimate prize...and you resign? Why not enjoy it for a while?


In the aftermath of the World Cup Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo went on record as saying he wanted to leave Manchester United. Ronaldo very rightly cited a lack of support from Manchester United's coach Sir Alex Ferguson and team Chairman David Gill, as well as threatening and derogatory statements made by England's players and media as the reason he couldn't return to England.

A few days later, Manchester United issued a statement saying that Ronaldo would not be sold - and that they expect him to fulfill his contract. The statement heaps praise on Ronaldo for his skill and what he brings to the team. Ronaldo, who is pretty well trapped, has since softened his stance on leaving Manchester, saying that he will wait and see what happens.

File this one under "weird" - your country has deemed a 21 year old as public enemy #1; you allow your 20 year old addle-minded pit bull (Rooney) to publicly say he is going to break Ronaldo in half when they get back to England; you offer the young man no support when your media is ripping him; the player doesn't want to stay and has asked for his release - and you STILL insist that he stay. I don't get it.

Brazil's quarter-final loss to France wasn't enough to convince 36 year Brazilian defender Cafu to retire from international football. Calls from fans and media for his retirement wasn't enough to convince Cafu to retire; nor was the retirement of defensive partner Roberto Carlos. No sir, Cafu isn't leaving - he refuses to leave after a loss; instead asking fans to remember the Cafu of 2002.

File this one under "just plain silly" - why is this newsworthy? He will be 40 by the time the next World Cup comes around, and 38 when the playdowns for the World Cup start again. He won't be picked on the next go why discuss it? Why antagonize the guy?

The Cartel - better known as FIFA - announced their new revised world rankings. The new and improved rankings appears to reward teams for unperforming and losing...though I am sure it has nothing to do with the strength and influence of individual football federations. This latest installment is full of surprises:
  • England and Argentina shoot up the standings to 5th and 3rd respectively - even after bowing out in the quarter-finals of the World Cup;

  • Spain and Holland drop slightly to 7th and 6th respectively - after bowing out in the round of 16;

  • Portugal drops to 8th - after beating England and Holland;

  • Canada who hasn't beaten anyone in years shoots up 29 spots to 54th - while South Korea who made the World Cup drops 27 spots to 56 - Japan, for their troubles, dropped 31 spots down to 49th; and last but not least

  • The U.S.A. dropped 11 spots to 16th - fear not my American friends...Mexico dropped 14 spots to 18th.
File this one under "just plain dumb" - I've given up trying to figure out how the Cartel does things - its all about money and promotion. These are the same clowns that say they are going to review the headbutting incident - with the possible result being Zidane being stripped of the Golden Ball trophy.

That about does it for tonight - we'll look at the NHL the trials, tribulations and tantrums of the Ottawa SenaTards and their faithful. We'll even check in with our old friend the Chickenhawk (J.P. Ricciardi) who publicly slammed his players. Have a great one peeps.

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Night on Hazelspeeps - from the Minator to Lippi to FIFA to the crap issued by Manchester United.

Deny - The Clash

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!


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