Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Wednesday Comes Early

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

If this is your first time here, you may be wondering about the title of this entry. Wednesdays are the day that we take a look back at some of the more notable newsmakers from the world of sports over the last week or so - with concentration on hockey, football, baseball and European soccer - we call it Weird and Whacked Wednesdays where most of the stories can be classified under the weird or the whacked; some of the actions of our newsmakers may be classified as downright silly or just plain dumb.

I'm playing in the finals of a poker tournament tomorrow night - with the winner getting a trip for two to Vegas...so I'm starting Wednesday's entry a bit early, and will likely spread it over a few days. If you have been here before and read this long-winded explanation...I have to ask you, "Why? You should know you can skip the preamble and move right to the newsmakers."



This one is sure to bring a grin to Hazel's face. Last week, TSN reported that Hazel's hometown Toronto Argonauts had added recently suspended Ricky Williams to their negotiation list. If signed, Ricky will play most of his games in in relative comfort; with the CFL starting in July, coupled with home games at the Rogers Centre - Ricky will get to play in conditions that range from good to optimal. That is until late October and November where it gets really cold - especially if he has to travel to Edmonton, Calgary, Regina or Winnipeg. When you think about the fact he played college ball at Texas, and pro ball in New Orleans and Miami...it will be kind of funs to watch Ricky freeze his snuts off up here. Speaking of which

TSN also reported that the Winnipeg Blue Bombers added The Whizz (former Vikings RB Onterrio Smith) to their negotiation list. You can insert jokes about The Whizz playing for a team called the Blue Bombers...what with the cold and all up there.

Normally I would file something like this under the category of whacked - asking these teams what they were thinking of when the made these moves...but its the CFL - where the motto used to be "Our Balls Are Bigger" - we'll check back with Ricky and The Whizz in October to get their thoughts...or confirmation. The CFL - downright silly.

The New Orleans Saints drafted USC's Reggie Bush on Saturday, leaving Saints fans smiling and full of hope about their future. It seems like there is a new Reggie Bush story every single day - all going back to the house his mother rented. Now there is talk about whether or not a player agent tried to extort money from Bush; talk about Reggie accepting $100 Gs while still in college; and more. The last Saints draft pick to come to them with this much controversy surrounding him and a player agent????? None other than our friend Ricky Williams. I hope things turn out better for Reggie than they did for Ricky. I'm sure they will.

You get picked number 2 in the NFL draft and you are involved in a legal dispute with a guy you claim is extorting you because you didn't sign with him, he claims he's suing you for money your family owes him - too much drama. File it under whacked.

Interesting story on CBS about what staying in school cost USC's Matt Leinhart - he didn't win another NCAA Championship and according to this story probably lost about $10 M by not declaring for the draft after his junior year. I wonder how much Leinhart's interests outside of football had to do with him sliding down to number 10. If you were a GM, would you question the commitment of a player who would like to see himself pursuing a career in television or the movies?

I don't know where to file this one...but it was interesting nonetheless.

That about wraps things up for tonight - long day ahead tomorrow. Have a great one peeps...if I get bounced out of the poker tournament early tomorrow - I'll post when I get home.

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world...I could use a little bit of Hazel Karma tomorrow night - if you remember, and have some time or the inclination...send some my way please.

Song of the Night on Hazelspeeps - for the crap shoot that is the NFL draft

Rock and Roll Swindle - The Sex Pistols (if you can find it online...download it, it should be a part of any well rounded music collection)

Peesth Out!


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