Monday, May 01, 2006

Renee's Thoughts On Sox Broadcast Team

Tonight, Renee's post is about all things Boston - Red Sox and the Patriots

A double D dose of comments for you.

Everyone's talking about Tina Cervasio the NESN field reporter and all her mixed reviews.
Here's my opinion of her so far..

Cervasio vaguely looks like new CBS anchor Katie Couric who dated/still does? Sox owner
Tom Werner doesn't she? Hmmmmmm....I think Tina looks lost out in the stands interviewing fans
and doesn't posses the quick thinking/wit required of a field reporter. When Don and Jerry try to
engage in witty repartee with Tina - she flashes that big blank grin like a deer caught in the
headlights look until the camera cuts away from her.

Perhaps a couple shots of Jack Daniels before the game would loosen her up. Cervasio isn't
the right person to join the Don and Jerry Red Sox game team.

Editor's Note: "El Prez" has his own thoughts on this subject...which I have beaten
the peeps over the head with!

I miss having Sean McDonough as play by play man with Jerry Remy. Last night's blow out vs
Cleveland surely shows off Orsillo's weakness in the booth and thats entertaining fans during
blowouts or slow games.

McDonough always had ideas/comments up his sleeve to entertain fans or to inspire RemDawg
to do silly things. When the game is a basic ballgame - Orsillo is good in that flow. Don gets an A
for the attempts which leads to Remy bailing him out.

Jerry is fantastic! Intelligent-witty and mischeivous. It seems at times he misses his buddy Sean
in the booth to save a sinking broadcast. When Jerry/Sean worked on TV38 games on Friday
nights-Jerry seemed to be excited in the booth. The next day with Don in the NESN booth he
seemed "bored".

I heard "a rumor"a year ago that it was actually Remy who didn't want to have McDonough as his
partner and helped Sean get the axe from TV38 and NESN.

True? Not True?

What is up with personal catchers in the MLB? Explain this one to me. Every "stud" pitcher has to
have his own catcher???

Last year Randy Johnson kept John Flaherty on the Yankee payroll as his personal catcher saying
Jorge (great name:whore-hay) Posada and him didn't click.

Guess Flaherty can only catch Johnson cuz he retired in Boston in spring training...

Now Johnson is pitching to Posada. What's up with that?

Now Tim Wakefield and Josh Bard don't click.

Whats next? QB's get a personal center? "Coach I cant QB under under Tom because my hands
keep hitting his "beeps" and his "boop" is well too fat. I much prefer Jack as my center because my
hands are snug on the ball and his "boop" is pretty cute to look at!"

Geezus! Hockey: "Coach need Nolan as my wingman because he has a great pass that was made
for my stick" "No Nolan then I can't play."

Better Idea- Trade Josh Bard and Manny Delcarmen to Sand Diego for Wakes catcher Doug
Mirabelli. Bard was hitting better than Mirabelli and Mirabelli was catching PT behind Mike Piazza.

Editor's Note: Renee was right...Sox traded for Mirabelli, except Cla Meredith went
with Bard

PATRIOTS 1st pick- LB Bobby Carpenter

No not the hockey player....

Have a great week and as always everyone....JUST GRIN AND BARE IT!
XO - Renee


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