Sunday, April 30, 2006

Introducing Renee

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

Well, I've been talking about her for a few weeks now - tonight marks her official first post on the blog. The "Peeps" know all about Renee and her views on the world of sports - in particular her views on New England sports...I'm sure you'll find her interesting to say the least. Before I post her entry, I should mention that as with all my posts, Renee's views should not be interpreted as reflecting those of Hazel Mae; furthermore this post has NOT been being commented on or approved by Hazel Mae.

Hi Everybody!
Prez has asked me to start posting my
comments and views on the Blog here.

I want to start off with a subject that I hold very dear to me News Babes!

Yes you know those women who are on the nightly news
that make us sit through the violent news
stories - shitty New England
weather forecasts and futile efforts of our beloved Boston pro sports
Why do we sit through that B.S.? Because the girl delvering the info is HOT! Thats why!

NESN has hired without question the SEXIEST woman in New England - HAZEL MAE.

Pretty face,a rockin' kick ass body,and very fun personality. I'm like most of you guys out there
who've fantasized about wondering what
Hazel would look like in a bikini or out of one :) ! Here is a
Media Babe newscast team that would have me
staying home to watch the news at home every
wearing nothing but a smile! (I don't wear much at home anyway)...


SARA UNDERWOOD (ch 4): Sara is gorgeous and after
having a kid looks fabulous.
She's got the girl next door look. Wow!

FRANCES RIVERA (ch 7) She has that very sexy Filapina look about her. Her lips are very sexy


BIANCA DELA GARZA (ch 25) Very sexy mama and I loved
how she actually tried her hand at
Home Improvement segments while pregnant.

PAULA EBBEN: (Ch4) Paula is stunning and looks gorgeous in person.


Seems like all the weather girls got pregnant at the same time (sigh) so I decided to go with the
weather beauty out there....

MISH MICHAELS: (Ch 4) Mish's exotic looks have had us
loving New England weather at Ch.4
for years. Don't
know if Mish is preggo or just gaining weight but she's still the sexiest storm tracker
out there.


HAZEL MAE: (See above)

WENDI NIX:(ch 7) Wendi is so drop dead sexy she
makes Bruins and Celtics lowlites a joy to
watch! Very
pretty eyes and face. A hot smile, beautiful blonde hair and yeah a great body too.
She looks like a member of the
Swedish Bikini Team! Wow!

Wendi and Hazel? Ohhh the naughty thoughts in my head right now and on that note...

Have an awesome weekend and lets go SOX!



Editor's Note: I'm going to have to take Renee's word for it - since I haven't seen tonight's candidates.


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