Friday, April 28, 2006

From The Desk Of Renee

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

My friend Renee has had computer issues with posting here - so she will know email me random thoughts, rants and musings and I will post on her behalf (until she sorts out tech issues). Renee's idea for tonight is a new Boston Red Sox reality tv show - show Renee some love peeps; she writes:

This afternoon the Boston Red Sox and NESN announced a new reality show contest called:


The show will be hosted by Hazel Mae.

BE WAKE'S CATCHER follows the open audition of thousands of men and women 18-50 who come
to Fenway Park in hopes of becoming Red Sox knuckleball pitcher Tim Wakefield's
personal catcher.

The Red Sox are looking for a person who can catch a knuckleball 95%-98% of the time and who can
at least
make contact with a major league pitch thrown between 85-95 mph.

Preliminary judges will be:
-Wally the Green Monster
-knucleball guru Charlie Hough; and
-Red Sox GM Theo Epstein

The top 10 will be judged by Red Sox mgr. Terry Francona,Red Sox interim pitching coach Al Nipper and
Tim Wakefield.

BE WAKE'S CATCHER winner will get.....
- A $2 Million dollar 2 year contract with the Red Sox
- Their very own Red Sox home and away uniform.
- Easy 2 game a week work schedule
- Locker next to David Ortiz
- Free 1st class travel and accomdations
- To meet their favorite AL players
- To hang out with the Sox 7 days a week till hopefully Oct.
- Free medical/dental
- A possible world series ring.

So Be Wake's Catcher.

A reality series hosted by Hazel Mae...nice. Thank you for the contribution Renee...

Editor's Note: Throw in a lunch with Hazel for the conestants and I'm auditioning!


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