Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Day After The Night Before

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

Late post today after a great night last, I won't bore you with the deets - I'll inflict that story on the Peeps at yahoo site.

I don't even know where to start this morning -
  • Montreal is done - the unravelling has begun, look for Carolina to close this one out in six.

  • I figured Dallas would win yesterday, but I still don't see them coming back from this one - Turco and that once air-tight defence look pretty shaky. Colorado closes this one out back at home in game 6.

  • While Buffalo lost last night - it is looking like a homer series. Buffalo will be fine.
Today's picks

I have already picked Jersey to sweep the Rangers - with or without Jagr.

SenaTards 5 - 1 over Tampa - The Lightning are going with Burke tonight, but it won't make a difference after what Tortorella pulled on Thursday - torching Grahame.

Anaheim 3-2 over Calgary - Call it an upset special. I know everything points to a Calgary win - but their inability to scoe leads me to think that one of Anaheim's playmakers wins this one.

Detroit 5-3 over Edmonton - this one is going to go seven, but Detroit wins tonight after splitting in Edmonton (they didn't deserve it, but they got it). Edmonton is still fuming after Lidstrom's goal.

Nashville 4-3 over San Jose - I still like the Sharks to win, but Nashville won't lost tonight, they are too good to lose 4 in a row. Plus, I need another Sharks game for my hockey pool.

Congratualations go out to Jose Mourinho and Chelsea (aka Portuguese National Team North). They beat Manchester United 3-0 to win their second straight Premiership title. Ricardo Carvalho scored today - give him a Hazie.

More sad news from the world of sports. Former Dodgers reliever Steve Howe was killed when his truck roll over yesterday. This guy had it all in the early 80's, until his career went off-track due to drug and alcohol abuse. He was a rookie of the year in 1980 and won a World Series over the Yankees in 1981. It was kind of sad watching his career wind down...I hope he finds peace.

I've got to book, but stay tuned - Renee has asked me to post an entry for her...remember when I said she's brash and holds nothing back? She asked me not to censor...yikes. I'm not sure how Hazel would feel about this one - if she is checking in. Have a great one peeps.

Your intuition is on track. Now is the time to push for what you really want. Attend a prestigious function where you can mingle with interesting people. You will attract attention. 4 stars

Jeebers...could this be anymore Hazel???? I think this its time for Hazel to start those contract extension talks.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - for last night (peeps, check on yahoo for the "why")

Temperature - Sean Paul

Well woman da weather turn cold
I wanna be keepin ya warm
I got da right temperature
For shelta you from da storm
Hold on, gurl I got da right tatics
To turn you on, and gurl
I wanna be da papa
You can be da mom oh oh

Peesth Out!


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