Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Another Weird & Whacked Wednesday

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. For those of you who are regular or semi-regular readers, and know what Wednesdays are about here, you can skip right over to this weeks newsmakers. For those of you who have happened on this page for the first time, Wednesday entries take a look back at some of the more notable stories making headlines in the world of sports over the last week or so - you know, the stories you love to laugh at. The stories range from the weird and/or whacked, to the downright silly...I have my opinions, but you can judge for yourself where each one fits.

As always, no entry gets published without a special "Hey" going out to Hazel Mae.

On to the newsmakers


He Got Off The Pot
So Brett Favre who has been in the midst of "deciding his future" with the Packers has finally decided to play this year, even though he doesn't think the Packers will make the playoffs. This represents a 180 degree turn from his earlier statement that he didn't want to play if the Packers weren't going to win. Hmmm Brett says he wants to play for the love of the game - I bet those few million dollars had nothing to do with his decision. To play or not to play...ok I'll play, but we but don't expect much - a ringing endorsement from your leader huh?

File this one under the downright silly - did anyone really think he wasn't going to come back? Of course he was, he just ensured that expectations stay low - and that he isn't roasted this season.

He Didn't Get Off The Pot
The NFL denied Ricky Williams' appeal of his 1 year suspension. The NFL hasn't released details on what the banned substance was - and "a source" claims that it wasn't marijuana. Of course it wasn't - it was all-natural "holistic" medicine. Ricky will respect the decision and vows to be back in 2007 - of course he will; maybe after another pilgrimage to find himself.

Its Ricky Williams - and any story involving him gets filed under the whacked.

The Whizz Was Kicked Off The Pot

The Minnesota Vikings announced that they have terminated the contract of Onterrio "The Whizzinator" Smith. The man who was busted for packing the Whizzinator, was set to return to the Vikings after serving a one year suspension for a substance abuse violation. Don't ask me why...but I say he winds up with Oakland.

From the beginning, the Onterrio Smith story has been downright silly.

The Bears D Just Got Meaner and Tougher
Ricky Manning Jr.'s celebrated debut in bar fighting by signing a 5 year $21 M dollar offer sheet with the Chicago Bears. Seems like Ricky was out on the town on Sunday night and got involved in a dust up - "on his lawyer's advice, he can't talk about his legal business...but he will be happy to tell his side of the story when its all said and done." Why do I hear the Eddie Murphy line "It wudn't me".

You sign a multi-million dollar offer sheet - and you are dumb enough to get into a bar fight? File this one under just plain dumb (which is going to be a new category on Wednesdays).

Remember "Even Vicks 44 D Wouldn't Cure This One"?
Last year I highlighted some trouble Falcons' QB Michael Vick was in - with someone who charged him with knowingly spreading an STD. Seems like Vicks 44D had a cure after all - as the case has been "resolved". Now we can all go back to waiting for little brother Marcus to get in trouble.

File this one under whacked

Soon To Be Seen On COPS
San Diego Chargers' LB Steve Foley was booked on charges of battery on a police officer and public drunkeness. Seems like Steve had a problem with the fact that police were going to tow his SUV. Drinking and driving - and fighting with the cops.

See? The "dumb" category needs to be added to Wednesday entries.

Wrapping Up Tub Rub
Another former Vikings RB made news last week. Moe Williams, one of the principles involved in Tub Rub (along with Daunte Culpepper) was found guilty of disorderly conduct; the jury acquitted him of two other charges. The story that won't die...who is Brad Johnson going to hand the ball off to this year? I wonder if Moe takes his act to Miami; to replace Ricky, and take that boat out into international waters...

If you have read previous entries on Tub know its just plain whacked - the whole damn mess.

Beatin' The Bushes
USC's Reggie Bush is under investigation by the NCAA (Pac-10) - seems like the Association has an issue with the fact that Reggie's family was leasing a $750 K house. Reggie maintains that the whole the thing has been blown out of proportion - the kicker is the house is owned by a guy who wanted to sign Bush to a marketing contract. Bush could lose his Heismann award over this one - NCAA rules say you can't win if you are not eligible to play.

I don't know where to put this one...but how could he not know that he and his family would be under a microscope? We'll put it under weird - because its all coming out after he declared for the draft.


Dumb Is Now Officially A Wednesday Category
I wonder what Hazel would say about this one. Former Cardinals/Mets 1B Keith Hernandez is in some trouble for comments he made about the San Diego Padres having a female serving as their massage therapist and sitting in the dugout. Just read it...once you do, no explanation needed.

Just plain dumb.


You May Think He Got Off The Pot
French International Zinedine Zidane announced that he will retire after the 2006 World Cup in Germany (to be won by Portugal..right Hazel?). He says that he wants Real to focus on getting better - attracting new players to replace him, because he hasn't played to his level in two years. Funny...he admits that now, yet he let my man Figo be the fall guy last season. Zidane has pulled this stuff before - retiring from the French National team only to come back - I don't buy it. I think if Real signs a few more big names - he reconsiders and comes back to try to win one more championship...meh

Just plain silly - he isn't going anywhere.

Pre-emptive Tampering Is OK In England
The 2006 World Cup is just over a month away - and rather then focussing on their sad sack team, the English Football Association and the British press is already speculating that Portuguese National Manager Luiz Felipe Scolari is going to take over the English National Team. You may be asking yourself why they would be doing this now? Well, let me run this by you...England's recent history against the "Luistanos" has not been good - from Figo leading Portugal back from a 2-0 deficit at Euro 2000 (one of the great goals of all time), to Euro 2004 - we beat up on England. I wonder how much of this is to distract Scolari and the National Team from kicking their cans again if we meet at the World Cup - which could happen based on brackets. Maybe a plot to get my man Mourinho out of England and into job as Portugal's Manager?

English FA, British Press, David Beckham as Captain, Sven-Goran Eriksson as Manager - everything about English Soccer is just plain whacked.

That's about it for tonight - on a final note, the Yankees lost to the Tampa Bay Devils Rays tonight - with Sheffield grounding out with the bases loaded to end the game. Why does this rate metion? Because that damn loss blew my pro-line ticket. I'm with Red Sox Nation - I hate the MFY.

If you think I have missed something...lemme know.

Have a great one peeps.

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Night on Hazelspeeps - for a weird and whacked Wednesday, I ask myself

Where Have All The Good People Gone - Sam Roberts

Peesth Out!


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