Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday's Notables

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. As always, a special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

If you read this morning's entry - this weekend was a bit of a blur, so you'll have to excuse me if I forget to mention some of the more notable performances from the past week or so. To top things off...I'm also suffering from a "man-cold" - this one is a bugger.

For those of you who have not been here before, Monday entries take a look back at the last week or so in the world of sports and highlight some of the more notable performances - to those lucky winners, we award a "Hazie"; we think Hazel would approve of our choices. On the other side of the coin, we also highlight some of the performances or actions that the newsmakers would rather forget...o n to this week's winners of the Hazies.



"Lucky" Luc Robitaille of the Los Angeles Kings will announce tomorrow that he is going to retire at the end of the season. Robitaille, who entered the league with questions about his skating ability proved all the doubters wrong and went on to have a Hall of Fame type career scoring 668 goals and 1,394 points in 1,428 games. The man had touch and a nose for the net...always a Maple Leafs killer. Congrats to Luc.

Al MacInnes, another certain Hall of Famer, had his number 2 retired by the St. Louis Blues this past weekend. MacInness finished his career number 3 on the all-time scoring list for defencemen with 340 goals and 1,274 points. I think Calgary Flames fans were a little disappointed to hear MacInness say "I am forever a St. Louis Blue." But a great career all the same...a bullet for a slapshot that terrified anyone standing in his way.

Scott Gomez
of the Devils and Vesa Toskala of the San Jose Sharks were named NHL Offensive and Defensive Players of the Week. Gomez had four goals (including an end to end highlight reel goal this weekend) and four assists in three Devils' wins this past week. Toskala led San Jose to four wins this week and posted a 0.98 goals against average with a .950 save percentage. Somewhere in New England...Jack Edwards must be cringing after hearing that Jaromir Jagr thinks Joe Thornton should win the NHL MVP Award. Worry not Bruins' fans (if there are any left) Jack still thinks it was a great trade for Boston...just ask Mike O'Connell.

Alex Ovechkin of the Caps hit 100 points tonight, and he needs one more goal to hit 50 on the season. Sidney who?

The Nashville Predators announced that goalie Tomas Voukoun will miss the rest of the season with a blood disorder that causes blood clots in his abdomen and pelvic area. Voukoun is undoubtedly Nashville's MVP this year posting a record of 36-18-7 with a goals against of 2.67...he deserves some mention. Good thoughts go out to Tomas and family.

In what may be his only mention on the page this year, Chris Shelton of the Detroit Tigers won the American League Player of the Week honours with an unbelievable start to the season.
Shelton hit .583 with 5 HRs and 9 RBI.

Same deal goes for Garrett Atkins of the Colorado Rockies who hit .462 with 1 HR and 7 RBI. Those are average numbers for hitting in Colorado...aren't they? I mean, Rockies leadoff hitter Cory Sullivan hit two triples in the same inning against San Diego - now I know Hazel would be down with that.

Red Sox Nation is breathing easier tonight with the news that David "Big Papi" Ortiz is about to sign a 4 year $52 Million extension. The best clutch hitter in the game - period. I'm sure Hazel will get an interview with Big Papi.

If you have read this page in the past - you know that Curt Schilling gets on my nerves...well, I have to give it to him - he's off to a great start with two dominant performances. I'm sure he'll do something to make it on the "Not-So-Heroic" list; but this week he gets credit for his start. Jonathan Papelbon does too, for his work closing out three Red Sox victories.

Ken Griffey Jr. passed Mickey Mantle for 12th place on the All-Time HR list with his 537th shot. Saw a great segment on Rogers Sportsnet the other day - talking about what happened to Griffey...and how the trade to Cincinnati and injuries killed what could have been a record breaking career.

That's about it for the good for the "Not-So-Heroic".


Sean Avery of the Los Angeles Kings reminded everyone why he is one of the most hated players in the NHL. Last week Avery went off on Anaheim play by play man Brian Hayward (former goalie of the Habs). Check the story for the exchange...I'm not disagreeing with what Avery said, I think he was pretty well dead on in his assessment of Hayward - but you don't say it like that. All in all...Avery is just a jackass, and I think Hazel would kick his dumb can.

Speaking of Sean Avery, his nemisis and noted cheap shot artist Denis Gauthier was suspended for two games by the NHL for a nasty check from behind on Maple Leafs forward Kyle Wellwood. Avery once characterized Gauthier as typical of French players in the NHL, running around with visors on and taking cheap shots. For those of you that haven't seen Kyle...he doesn't look much bigger than Hazel out there.

Brett Favre, what's with this guy? All the talk about how he would make a decision on his playing future - the media sweeping in to Tunica Mississippi to hear what he has to say... and all the guy says is that the only sport he is playing is golf, and he doesn't know if he wants to play this year since Green Bay isn't necessarily better. Green Bay should just cut him and start would serve him right.

No, I'm NOT going to highlight some of the weaker performances from my buddy Renee's Fantasy team in the Yahoo Pool. I'm going to be nice to Renee from now on...well, at least until I open up a bigger lead on her.

"Six Fingers" Felix Rodriguez was suspended for three games for his part in the Washington Nationals beaning New York Mets batters five times in one game. You'd think a guy with six fingers could control the ball a little better than that - or maybe he just has pinpoint accuracy. Whatever the case..."Hurricane Hazel" would not approve of such behaviour.

I may not be able to put Curt Schilling here - but I can put David Wells in this category. The man who proclaimed himself ready to pitch for the Sox (and alleged to have called Francona an idiot) was roughed up in a Triple A start for Pawtucket. Seven runs and six hits in five innings - Wells summed it up by saying, "It is what it is, its a bad night." I'm sure Red Sox Nation takes great comfort in his candor.

Eric Hinske of the Toronto Blue Jays...just for being Eric Hinske of the Toronto Blue Jays - get used to seeing his name here, he will be the leading vote getter here. Hazel would not approve of this statement - but she can come and kick my can if she really hates it...Hazel if you are read, PLEASE DO!

CFL (Because Hazel is a CFL Fan...or was)
The CFL announced that the Ottawa Renegades were "suspending operations" for the upcoming season. Only in the CFL can you have a team around for 75+ years, allow the team to fold because of debt (bad ownership) and then re-establish it under the same sad sack owners that let it die the first time around. What a damn joke...and a shame. ARRRRRRGGOOOOOOOSSSSSSS (Hazel would get that).

Wayne Rooney of Manchester United is alleged to have racked up 700,000 pounds ($1.22M US) in gambling debts. Rooney has not commented on the allegations; Sir Alex Ferguson claims that there is no substance to the reports and brushed them off as rubbish. Ferguson compares this mess to the stuff that George Best (Luis Figo's idol), Paul Gasgoine, and David Beckham had to go through with the British press. The reports allege he lost money betting on horses and the dogs.

If you are a fan of English soccer - you would know about the controversy that Rooney left Everton under...I won't mention them here - but I would tell Hazel. Rooney is going to be spending a lot of time here with his long lost brother - Eric Hinske.

That's about all for tonight I think...I have to go check in on the yahoo site to see if Renee is slapping ol' Pogue around over there. Have a great one peeps.

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world - hope this made you crack a smile (if you checked in).

Song of the Night on Hazelspeeps - for Wayne Rooney

White City - The Pogues

Here a tower shinning bright
Once stood gleaming in the night
Where now there's just rubble
In the hole
Here the paddies and the frogs
Came to gamble on the dogs
Came to gamble on the dogs
Not long ago.

Oh the torn up ticket stubs
From a hundred thousand mugs
Now washed away
Like dead dreams in the rain
And the car parks going up
And they're pulling down the pubs
Oh it just another
Bloody rainy day

Oh sweet city of my dreams
Of speed and skill and schemes
Like Atlantis
You just disappeared from view
And a hare upon the wire
Has been burnt upon your pyre
Like the black dog
That once raced out from trap 2

Peesth Out!


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