Wednesday, April 05, 2006

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in; from those of you who have been here before and know what Wednesdays are all about on this page - to those of you who have happened upon this page for the first time. For those of you who have been here before, you can skip the standard explanation and head right to the newsmakers. For those of you who have not been here before, Wednesday entries take a look back at some of the more "notable" newsmakers from the world of sports - yes, the people we love to laugh at. Wednesday are the day we look back at the weird, the whacked and the downright silly stories (and their stars) making news in the world of sports.
As always, before starting any entry, a special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

On to the "newsmakers"


She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not, She Divorces Me, She Divorces Me Not
Those wacky Bensons. If you are a baseball fan, you have undoubtedly heard the saga of Kris and Anna Benson. Kris Benson claims the Mets traded him to Baltimore because of his wife Anna's notoriety - Kris is happy with the move. A few days later, Anna files for divorce - claiming Kris had relations with her friend (I guess Anna didn't know WHAT team to sleep with - remember her threat?). Word came yesterday that she has withdrawn her petition for divorce - you try to make sense of it. There must be a bunch of smiling faces on the Orioles and the Mets right now...I wonder who gets first dibs? File this one under "whacked"

Lookin In Your Big Brown Eye
That "Bad Boy, Bad Boy" Dwight Gooden has been sentence to one year in prison for violating his probation by using cocaine. From being "The Doc", the dominant pitcher of his generation - to being "Gary Sheffield's Uncle", a once great major leaguer - to be "Dwight Gooden sentence to prison", sad doesn't even begin to describe it. Put this one in the category of silly - it should never have happened.

Speaking Of Drugs
You have to wonder what Execs at ESPN were thinking when they decided to go ahead with the Barry Bonds reality (sounds funny huh?) series. Will anyone tune in for more than one or two episodes? Jeebers...a fan in San Diego threw a freaking syringe at Bonds - that has to give you some indication about the public appetite for this guy...doesn't it? One guy I like reading is Scott Miller of CBS Sportsline - he wrote a pretty good article about what ESPN was thinking...and what he thinks of ESPN. Good job. ESPN's decision to go ahead with the series silly - the execs who had a hand in making it whacked!

Feeling Mighty Lowe
Derek Lowe's personal life, and all the baggage that goes along with it, is a matter of public record now. There is talk of a drinking problem, to go along with his marital problems, and now a messy divorce. I like Derek Lowe, but if that moron Paul Depodesta signed this guy to a big free-agent contract without checking this stuff out - he should be fired. Oh wait, HE WAS FIRED. Dodger fans across North America are crossing our fingers. File this one under silly - the whole damn mess that is Derek Lowe's life.


More "Tub Rub"
He's left Minneapolis but Daunte Culpepper is still big news in the great state of Minnesota. Charges against Culpepper were dismissed in the sex boat scandal (referred to here as Tub Rub) because there wasn't probable cause to determine a crime had been committed. Daunte, who claimed to be playing dice, said he was delighted. Isn't that sweet? Oh Miami...he's your albatross now. Put this under whacked - he gets charged with three other teammates, and he is the only one who had charges dropped. umm ok.

No Wonder Terrell Can't Stand Him
Donovan McNabb and teammate Jeremiah Trotter were found guilty and fined for parking their trucks in parking spots designated for handicapped/challenged people. Much like the Super Bowl loss, McNabb didn't take responsibility for this one - he was fined even though it was his friend who parked there, because it was Donovan's truck. Put this one under silly - for the story and the fact that it made news

Yosemite Sam Used To Say - AND STAY OUT!
The Tennessee Titans have told Steve McNair that they don't want him working out at their facilities until he re-works his contract. McNair who has been the heart and soul of the organization looks like he's being given the bum's rush - all this, and the Dolphins welcome a guy like Culpepper. Go figure. Put this one under weird...I know its about money...but I don't get it - not with McNair.

Yosemite Sam Used To Preface It With - GET OUT!
Former Packers' tight end Mark Chmura has publicly criticized Brett Favre for not making a decision on retiring. Chmura took a shot at Favre calling him selfish for only thinking about himself - AND a hypocrite for his remarks about Javon Walker. If you have read this page before - you know where I stand on this one. I'm with Chmura. Where to slot this one? Let's go silly - Favre said he'll only come back if he can win - is NOT about the money huh?

And You Thought Moss Was A Badass
A few weeks ago, we talked about Randy Moss' agent and his wife being charged for cocaine possession - well, Dante DiTrapano was arrested for failing to attend a hearing on the charges. DiTrapano's lawyer explained that his client was being treated for a medical condition - that's almost as bad as calling the addiction a disease. Put it under whacked - cuz Wednesdays are not about being stupid...I can't keep up with the stupid in the world of sports. (no cracks about a certain College QB's testing!)

A Little CFL News For Hazel
The Montreal Alouettes have signed for Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets QB Quincy Carter. From playing in Texas Stadium to Montreal. You decide where it fits...Hazel?

The Ottawa Renegades are still in search of an owner. American football fans may be puzzled by this...but Canadians are used to this nonsense - after all...our slogan used to be "Our Balls Are Bigger". File this one under silly...the CFL...enough said.

It's been a very long, a very hard and finally, a very trying day. I'm done for tonight...maybe more tomorrow. Have a great night peeps.

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Night on Hazelspeeps - for Daunte Culpepper's party in Tub Rub, for Derek Lowe's life, for Kris and Anna's reunification...and so much more...I give you

Fiesta - The Pogues

Peesth Out!


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