Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The NHL Goin' Retro

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

So leave it up to Bob Clarke and the Philadelphia Flyers to send the NHL playoffs back to the 70's - and commissioner Gary Bettman pulling out what hair he has left. After giving up 5 in the first period last night, the Flyers embodied everything their GM stood for as a player:
  • heart...ummm, I mean poor sportsmanship - they quit playing hockey and went back to brawling;

  • toughness...ummm, sorry about that, I mean dirty cheap shots - way to go Denis Gauthier;

  • determination...the Flyers were determined to mame someone, anyone on the Sabres last night...Moose Dupont, Mad Dog Bob Kelly, Don Saleski and the Watson brothers must have been smiling ear to ear last night;

  • class...check that, having your coach drop the F-bomb on live tv is just crass - somebody should "feed Hitchcock his lunch".
Philadelphia...home of the never beens and also rans. No wonder that city can't win any sort of major championship; with guys like Bob Clarke hanging around, its no wonder. All over the world of professional sports, you hear of good men getting fired for not winning - what does Bob Clarke have on Snyder?

Speaking of the above noted traits - the SenaTards beat the Lightning tonight in a game that turned ugly. Plenty of cheap shots and some "almost fights" - SenaTards so-called tough guy Chris Neil went after Ruslan Fedotenko tonight, boy Neil really handed it to poor old Ruslan (he of zero fights), and then threatened goalie Sean Burke - funny though, Neil pulled the classic turtle when Chris Dingman tried to engage him. Neil was shown smiling on the bench, with his gutless teammates "congratulating" him for drawing a penalty. I'm still waiting for this so-called tough guy to fight anyone who has a rep - I mean, he is without a doubt the toughest guy in the league against the lightweights. And you wonder why I call them "SenaTards"?

Enough about the playoffs for tonight - I have to watch Joe Thornton and the Sharks take on the Predators (I wonder if Jack Edwards cringes every time he hears the words "Joe Thornton - possible MVP winner). As I write this, my proline ticket tonight is looking great, Arsenal tying Villareal today, Tejada beating Troy Glaus in total bases, Big Papi's HR leading Travis Hafner's 1B and 2B (did Hazel say "Buh Bye" when she called it tonight?) - the only game left is San Jose over Nashvile...if/when it happens, beer on me tomorrow!

Lots to talk about in tomorrow's Weird & Whacked Wednesday post...
  • The NFL isn't down with alternative all natural medicine - Ricky Williams suspended by for the upcoming season;

  • The NCAA isn't down with collegiate athletes helping their families out - Heismann winner Reggie Bush being investigated - could lose the Heismann and cost USC their Pac-10 championship...the multi-million dollar contract he is going to get will take some of the sting away;

  • The Vancouver Canucks fire the winningest coach in the history of their franchise because he can't get along with Todd Bertuzzi, the Leafs fire the coach who lead them to 7 straight playoffs - and Bob Clarke STILL has a job? Go figure...

  • Go in peace but for God's sake just go! French international Zinedine Zidane announces he is done after the World Cup - if you know anything about this guy, you are probably with me in saying "Yeah right...just like you were done with French National team".
All this and more on tap for tomorrow's entry...its Wednesday, so you know what it means.

A few Hazies to be handed out tonight:

Manny Ramirez (in the interests of time, I won't trill the R like Hazel does) hits a 3-run home run in the top of the 8th to bring the Sox back and past the Indians. If the San Jose Sharks win tonight, Big Papi and Miguel Tejada get a Hazie tomorrow for their home runs tonight.

Chris Dingman of the Lightning for trying to get after that weasel Chris Neil. Bettman and the SenaTards may not have liked it...but Leaf Nation was smiling with that one.

Ok..off to the NHL. Have a great one peeps...check back tomorrow.

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Night on Hazelspeeps - because she was the background music behind this post

O Corvo - Misia (translated...The Raven - Misia) if you have some time, go find it - great song. Better yet, buy her CD...great background (after dinner music - your girl will love it).

Peesth Out!


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