Monday, March 27, 2006

The Hazies - Monday's Heroes and Zeros

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

This week's Hazies are brought to you by the makers of Guinness - brewing Irleand's finest Stout since 1759. Ok, so I'm really just having a Guinness - but if I was going to look for sponsors...I'd start with them.

For those of you who are new to the page, Monday entries take a look back as some of the more notable performances from the past seven days in the world of sports - particular emphasis on the NHL, NFL, MLB and European gets some play if it is out of the ordinary news. While Hazel has not a hand in choosing this week's Hazie award winners (or the "runners-up" for that matter), I'd like to think she might agree.


The NHL announced that Anaheim Ducks forward Teemu Selanne was awarded the NHL offensive player of the week - he had four goals and six assists in leading the Ducks to four straight wins. Selanne was thought by many to be washed up and at the end of his career - so much for the so-called experts. Honourable mention goes to Colorado's Joe Sakic (I bet Hazel likes Sakic...everyone in Canada likes Joe).

San Jose Sharks goalie Vesa Toskala posted a 1.66 goals against average leading his team to three victories this past week. San Jose is making a push to get into this year's playoffs - with Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau, they are dangerous.

A number of two goal scorers this past weekend in England. Names that you have likely not heard of - Didier Drogba, Robbie Keane and one of the Premiership's better names... Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink.

Hard to highlight the MLB in spring training. NFL Free Agents can't get a Hazie...though Terrell might get one retroactive to last week if the Cowboys win the big one this year. Go ahead and scoff - he is a difference maker...I know I have given him a hard time on the page - but I have never doubted the fact that the guy is a player.

While most readers might not know or care about the Commonwealth games - Canada participates in the games and Hazel might be interested. Canada brings home 86 medals and finishes in 3rd place overall. Good show to Canada's Commonwealth Games athletes.

This edition of March Madness has been all about Glen "Big Baby" Davis from LSU. The kid who reminds many of Shaq has led this group of freshman and sophomores to the final four - watching him make that three pointer this weekend was great. I still think UCLA wins the game.

Special mention goes out to our man Drisclaw - who has set up a fantasy baseball pool for members of the yahoo site. It is going to be hysterical to see a Los Angeles Dodgers' fan from Canada (your humble writer/editor) win against a bunch of members of Red Sox Nation. Stay know this one is going to be updated throughout the year. Thanks Dris.


Mike O'Connell was let go by the Boston Bruins this past week - deservedly so. O'Connell set the Bruins back years by trading Joe Thornton and Sergei Samsonov - not to mention the mistakes he meant signing free agents over the summer. Having said all that - anyone who knows a little about the NHL knows that it isn't all O'Connell's fault; Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs and President Harry Sinden deserve just as much blame in all of this...especially Sinden. I am still wondering how Sinden, if he really cared about his team, allowed O'Connell to trade Samsonov if he knew he was going to fire him. Sinden's comments after the firing were shameful; though the fact remains that O'Connell was a stooge for Bruins management.

John Ferguson Jr. will eventually make this list...but not this week.

Boston Red Sox GM Theo Epstein traded pitcher Bronson Arroyo to the Reds for OF Wily Mo Pena - while many applauded this move as "just business", I can't agree with this one. Arroyo made it no secret that he signed for less money to play with the Red Sox - Epstein turned around and traded him before the season started. In an interview with Epstein, when asked if Arroyo had a guarantee that he wouldn't be traded - Epstein responded by saying that he had talked to Asst GM Jed Hoyer - and that Hoyer confirmed that Arroyo had no such guarantee. Epstein made it sound like he made the trade after getting that confirmation from Hoyer - I find that hard to believe...maybe its just me...maybe Hazel would tell me to shut my pie hole...but I think this one stinks.

The Indianapolis Colts signed former New England Patriots kicker Adam Vinatieri - the "runner-up" award in this scenario goes to Peyton Manning. I said after the Steelers/Colts game that Vanderjagt miss cost him his job - I said that Manning was smiling after the he thought "Vanderjagt is gone now". Vanderjagt crime against Manning? Vanderjagt had the stones to question King Peyton's performance in big games. Well Peyton, you got rid of Vanderjagt - wait til you play with Vinatieri...a guy that got to be around a real leader like Tom Brady.

Brett Favre continues to keep the Packers waiting while he decides what he wants to do this year. The Packers are really in a holding pattern while Favre tries to decide one way or another - someone should tell him that its time to go.

That's about all I've got for this week - please feel free to submit your suggestions if you think I have missed something.

Have a great one peeps...join the yahoo league.

Hazel - I hope things are groovy in your world...I think you'd like the yahoo league, especially my team.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - just because (OK...maybe for Mike O'Connell)

Get a Job - Offspring

Peesth Out!


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