Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

First off, a very Happy St. Patrick's Day to those who trace their roots back to Ireland.

Last night, I watched the Mexicans complete a double play to knock the Americans out of the World Baseball Classic. If you managed to pull yourself away from the NCAA Tournament for a few seconds to watch the final DP - you had to have seen A-Rod standing there wondering what in the hell just happened.

I think the funniest part of the USA being ousted from the WBC is that this goes to show you - that A-Rod will NEVER be on a championship team. Ok, before I get the emails talking about the lineups and who was or wasn't there - remember, NONE of you care about the WBC...right?

Word of caution to baseball fans, especially Red Sox Nation, before you go on about how the Tournament was a sham...or a joke; remember this. To those players who aren't on the USA - this tournament means something - don't trivialize this tournment...a lot of players went there with a point to prove. While fans in the USA may not care about the tournament - their hometown heroes probably do, and if I'm part of Red Sox Nation...the last thing I would want to do is trivialize anything that meant something to guys like Big Papi. Tread carefully gang...having said that, I'm sure Dennis and Callahan will be crapping all over the tournament on WEEI tomorrow.

Well, the Leafs lost...Islanders and Habs did as well. Atlanta making a run at the playoffs...but Toronto still in striking distance...not giving up hope yet.

Have a great one peeps

Your past relationships have deadened your sense of worth and stagnated you emotionally, so get out there and meet new people. Get involved in something you are passionate about and don't be afraid to rally for a cause you believe in. 3 stars

Hazel I hope things are groovy in your world. Get out and meet the peeps.

Song of the Night on Hazelspeeps - just because...

Mexican Radio - Wall of Voodoo (definitely worth the download)

Peesth Out!


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