Thursday, March 09, 2006

NHL Winners & Also Rans

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

So the NHL trade deadline came and went today - a few GMs proved themselves to be ahead of the pack, while others proved today that they were asleep at the wheel. Before you read on...check this out - Dale Arnold of NESN wants us all to consider the plight of these poor NHLers who get traded - if you have 3 minutes and a few hundred brain cells to kill - this one is for you. He's almost as bad as Jack Edwards - and that's saying something. What a load of crap.

A few NHL GMs deserve some recognition for their work today - and for their efforts pick up mid-week Hazie awards.

Pierre Lacroix, Colorado Avalanche - I don't know how he does it every year. Lacroix got the Jose Theodore (aka Hair Club For Men member - Quebec chapter) for David Aebischer. While Montreal fans pass this off as a move that provides cap-relief, Theodore is still a top 5 goalie. Lacroix fleeced Gainey...I said this last night on yahoo, this smacks of the Patrick Roy trade. Great job by Lacroix, again! Why couldn't the Leafs have him as a GM?

David Nonis, Vancouver Canucks - Nonis pulled off a trade that might wind up being the deal of the year. Nonis' picked up Mika Noronen from the Sabres for a 2nd round pick; Canucks' fans are talking about Norinen like he could wind up being like Kiprusoff. Good job by Nonis'

Dave Taylor, Los Angeles Kings - Taylor picks up Brent Sopel and Mark Parrish from the Islanders...without seriously impacting his team. I don't think the Kings are a cup contender - but this trade puts them in the playoffs and playoff revenue in the team's coffer. Good job by Taylor.

Jim Rutherford, Carolina Hurricanes - Rutherford didn't have to do anything today, but picking up Mark Recchi from the Penguins was a good move. Ottawa was talking about trading for Recchi or Leclair - Rutherford trumped Muckler. Smart move by Rutherford...too bad he's in Carolina.

Mike Keenan
, Florida Panthers - signing Olli Jokinen was a major thing. This signing might just convince Luongo to want to stay in Florida.

A few GMs were noticeably quiet today - while they will tell you there wasn't a deal to be had...I think we all know that that isn't quite the case. Some were asleep and some were probably afraid of making a they stood still.

John Muckler, Ottawa SenaTards - Muckler has a 41 year old goalie, who is a headcase at the best of times, telling the team that he doesn't know when he'll be back - and Muckler doesn't pull the trigger on a trade because he doesn't want to trade Antoine Vermette? Muckler will sell fans of the Tards a bill of goods tomorrow...the truth of the matter is that he was afraid of making a mistake. The new NHL is beyond Muckler's comprehension - the game has passed him by; he is out of touch with today's game and today's players.

Darryl Sutter, Calgary Flames - Sutter didn't make a significant deal today, and the Flames are going to suffer for his lack of action. Calgary needed another center, someone to play with Iginla - Sutter did nothing to improve Calgary's anemic offence.

Kevin Lowe, Edmonton Oilers - he tried to address his goaltending situation by trading away a first round pick for 37 year old Duane Roloson. Enough said.

Just some thoughts from today's trade deadling...feel free to disagree. For the record, I think John Ferguson did ok today...he didn't mortgage the future. Mike O'Connoll doesn't get hung out to dry for trading Samsonov - for two reasons 1) everyone knows he's not a great GM, fans expect this stuff from him; 2) the Bruins are a complete mess...he couldn't do much to pull them out of this mess.

More tomorrow...back to baseball I think. Did anyone get a load of David Wells' comments in the Hartford Courant? While Red Sox Nation is laughing about this - thinking that Wells' comments were hilarious, I have one question. How important does David Wells think he is? He needs to get over himself...calling out Bud Selig and telling Barry Bonds what he should do for the good of the game. Since when did this goof become the elder statesman of MLB? All this after crapping all over Red Sox Nation and the city of Boston. David Wells is a jerk - Epstein should trade his can.

That's about it for tonight peeps...have a great one.

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world. Have a great weekend.

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