Sunday, February 12, 2006

Big News In Canada Re: Gretzky

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The NHL wraps up tonight - with the select few heading off to Turin for the Olympic Hockey Tournament.

The big news of the weekend in the Rick Tocchet fiasco is that the taped conversation between Gretzky and Tocchet happened on Monday - with many pointing to this as proof positive that Gretzky was telling the truth when he said he didn't know anything.

"Sources: Timing of wiretap supports Gretzky's position in gambling case."

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In reading the story and hearing some of the commentary here today - I have one question. If the conversation happened on Monday (which I am not disputing) does it really mean Gretzky had no prior knowledge? Think about it for one second. I asked myself the following questions (which I know ask you to consider)
  • If Rick Tocchet was indeed involved in this gambling ring - and he sees Janet Gretzky putting down big money on football games - he wouldn't say a thing to his friend Wayne? He wouldn't say..."Hey, look Wayne. Your wife may be getting herself into some to her."? Tocchet would have to know she was involved, if he didn't see her name - someone in the operation would have told him that Wayne Gretzky's wife was gambling.

    Do we really think he wouldn't say anything to Gretzky? I mean, everyone who has spoken on this case has said that Tocchet is a stand up guy (which I am not doubting...he played with heart and always gave an honest effort) - so are we to believe that he didn't say a word to Gretzky? Not one? To his friend Wayne? To say that Tocchet wouldn't have said anything to Gretzky would really be calling Tocchet's character into question - NOT that I want to call Gretzky's character into question. I am just wondering.

  • How does Janet Gretzky find an East Coast gambling ring? I know she is a hollywood celeb (or she used to be - sorta) - but how does this woman find an outfit on the East Coast to lay down action? She had to have an in somewhere - I'll stop this thought right here and let you pick it up.

  • Not one person in the Gretzky entourage would have picked up on this? The Gretzkys must have agents, business managers and a host of other professionals helping them take care of their day to day life.

    So no red flags were raised with large cash withdrawls or deposits? You don't pay gambling debts with personal cheques - nor do you get paid with cheques. So how was that handled? I'm not going to pretend to understand financial transactions of the uber-rich...but I would think people would be looking out for Wayne. I don't think Janet's career earnings would allow to be plunking down $75,000 on a football game - but I could be wrong.
These were just a few of the questions that I have asked myself. I don't think today's news completely absolves Gretzky of anything. Some people in the media have tried to paint him as a naive guy who is easily led by others (Pocklington and McNall have been used as examples) - but I'm still having a bit of trouble thinking that this could have come as a complete shock to him...and if it was - I'd be really worried if I was him.

I think Gretzky has painted himself into a very tight corner - buy saying he never bet on anything. The bloodhounds will be searching for any evidence that he place a bet - even just one... to call his credibility into question. People are expecting this to be big news in Europe - but somehow, I just don't see it. The second biggest sporting event in the world - after the World Cup - most of these people aren't going to care all that much.

The media will have other news to cover - I see things dying down a bit - unless news is made here. Gretzky has made it clear that he is going to keep quiet...and see if this dies down a bit. You have to wonder what Rick Tocchet is thinking right now...the media here will turn their attentions to him. The Toronto Star already interviewed his family...

Well, I'm going to wrap things up for tonight. It's been a great weekend - which is probably why I am beat tonight.

Have a great one peeps. Renee, if you are checking in...Guess who called? Yep, "our friend" - she touched base on Tuesday. How about you? Did your meeting take place? Email me if you have a minute. Hope things are good with you.

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world - and that your weekend was a good one - enjoy your week.

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