Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Holy Shniikeee - Operation Slap Shot

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

I was blown away in the middle of the afternoon with news that Phoenix Coyotes Assistant Coach "Red-hot" Rick Tocchet was accused of financing a sports gambling ring. TSN and Sportsnet both featured the story on their home page. In what can only be deemed a story for tomorrow's Weird & Whacked Wednesday update - word has come down that Wayne Gretzky's wife, the former Ms. Janet Jones, was one of the people placing bets with the group Tocchet was allegedly bankrolling. The story says six current NHLers were on the books for gambling - you can start scouring the message boards to find out what names are being thrown around.

Tocchet could be charged with promoting gambling, money laundering and conspiracy - basically everything the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation gets away with every damn day...you know the slogan... Anything can happen - Anyone can win. Ya right

Back to Tocchet and this story:
  • with respect to Gretzky's wife potentially being implicated in this mess...raises so many questions about him too - how could he not know? how could he look down the bench at Tocchet? (I can't wait to hear what those doofuses on the Team 1200 say tomorrow)...

  • all the right things are being said with respect to the alleged NHLers who are part of this mess - they only bet football and baseball. Ok...things that make you go hmmm - these guys wouldn't bet hockey? The sport they really know and they wouldn't bet? Come on now...

  • authorities think the ring has ties to organized crime in Philadelphia and southern New Jersey...

  • the story also alleges that a number of past and present professional athletes and celebrities were clients...You gotta know Pete Rose will be waiting with baited breath for the results of this one.
This story promises to mushroom - there are too many angles here for it NOT to be a major one. Hell, it made the homepage on CBS Sportsline...you know it has to be big!

Lots on tap for the Weird & Whacked Wednesday's entry...may be a two parter:
  • The NFL Hall of Fame Voters forget Michael Irvin - they ignored everything he did on the field and looked at his off-field activities. Congrats to Aikman and Rayfield Wright though.

  • Allegations that Joe Montana asked for a $100,000 appearance fee for Sunday's Super BORE - Montana denies snubbing the game when organizers wouldn't pay him for showing up. Way to go Joe...leave it to a 49er.

  • The NFL says the game was officiated properly - yes you read that correctly.

  • Blue Jays J.P Ricciardi keeps throwing money around - team chemistry? meh
All this and more -you know there will be some news makers in the next 24+ hours. Ok, I'm on less than fours hours of sleep... I'm outta here.

Have a great one peeps - you'll never guess what might be hitting the site in the next couple of days...Renee would have love this one! hahahahahaha

Hazel I hope things are groovy in your world - are you going to be the 100th member of the peeps? we are closing in on 100...

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - for Rick Tocchet and his peeps and their peeps and so on...from the movie Goodfellas - a great gangster song

Layla - Derek and the Dominoes.

Peesth Out!


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