Friday, February 10, 2006

The Sky Is Falling

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

Yesterday I mentioned that the Team 1200 had decided to focus on the SenaTards game day and their game against Atlanta - after all, the 'Tards haven't really beaten any team of substance in over a month, when they beat Carolina on December 28th. SenaTards game day provided a convenient, albeit weak excuse to stay away from the Rick Tocchet story (aka here as Gretzky-Gate).

Well, the 'Tards lost to Atlanta last night - yep, Marian Hossa and the Thrashers beat the 'Tards by a score of 2-1. Most of you may be asking "So? Who cares? What's the big deal?" (Well, maybe not if you are in New England - we know how you are about the Sox). But SenaTards fans take regular season losses personally, they call the Team and talk about NOT going to another game if this team doesn't put out a good effort. They talk about how the 'Tards got screwed - the latest complaint du jour is how the NHL is going to back allowing clutching and grabbing (its all these morons know how to say).

These are the same bunch of buffoons that started out the season by saying the current bunch of 'Tards was good enough to equal or BETTER the record of the great Habs team from the 70's - the team that only lost 8 regular season games - Ha! 'Tards fans pride themselves on their regular season performance...its all they ever talk about. Well gang, talk about losing to the Thrashers - I can't wait to hear it on my ride into work.

In other news - Gretzky addressed the media last night. I felt bad for him, he looks awful - though you can't blame him. He has the weight of the NHL's reputation and future resting on his shoulders. There were no suprises in his statement: he isn't going anywhere - and Janet says she never placed a bet on his behalf and that he only bets on the occassional horse race. This is where the seed of trouble gets planted - when you say single out your "occassional" bet...someone is going do start digging...I hate to say it, but stayed tuned.

Bob McKenzie who has been noticeably quiet on the affair did find time to write a nothing article about Jose filler.

Well, I've gotta haul my can into work...its friggin freezing here today. Have a great one peeps!

Do what you can to make your home more comfortable without going over-budget. You may face some opposition from an emotional partner. Compromise and you will be able to get things accomplished. 2 stars

Not sure what to think about that...Hazel, have yourself a groovy weekend!

Song of the Day on Hazelpeeps - seems fitting today...

Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day

Peesth Out!


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