Sunday, December 11, 2005

A Bad Afternoon In The Spreads Pool

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in. A special hey goes to Ms. Hazel Mae...if you checked in today no hard feelings about the game today - gotta say though, I was thinking of you. What an great freakin' game - right down to the very end...but I'm not going to gloat.

You know that old saying "you can't have everything all of the time"? That pretty much summed things up for this NFL Sunday. My afternoon picks went to pot - ensuring that I won't win this week - next week might be a Magic 8 Ball weekend...unless you know who decides to provide her picks (I know, I know...).

So I blew this week's pool with some bad picks this afternoon...but I did pick a winning point-spread ticket on pro-line - 5 of 5, which pays 20 to 1.

My picks were

New England -6.5
Houston +7.5
NY Jets +3.5
Dallas -2.5
Miami +14.5.

I just wanted to check in to say wasn't about gloating over the Cowboys/Chiefs game. Though Bledsoe, Glenn and Marion Barber (for his clutch plays) are getting Hazies tomorrow. I think Hazel would admit (albeit grudgingly) that they deserve one.

Have a great one Hazel I say, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - for that game winning drive at the end...and the missed field goal that could have tied it.

NFL Round Up (with John Facenda voice over) - NFL Films.

To New Englanders I is the "RAMADA" campaign going? If they can express interest in Clemens with his salary don't think they can keep Manny AND get Tejada? Better start asking Hazel to send her good karma up to that front office.

Peesth out.


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