Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday Afternoon Picks

Hey all...

Our Sunday six pack is looking alright at the end of the first half of the NFL games - so we'll suggest a couple of late afternoon games for those checking in.

Seattle -6 over Tampa Bay - Seattle is our pick of the day, 16 points on both pool, and in three suicide pools. You know Tampa is in trouble when Chuckie is trying to lure Jake Plummer out of retirement. Seahawks win big today. Lay $100 on Seattle.

Detroit +3 over Oakland - Oakland as a favourite? We'll go against them every single time...they shouldn't be favoured over NESN's touch football team, never mind the Lions. Lay $100 on Detroit and say thank you Vegas.

Red Sox West over San Francisco - Matt Cain has had some tough luck lately, expect it to continue today against Big Blue who send Brad Penny to the mound. Dodgers need this game and they'll get it. Lay $100 on Los Angeles - $125.

That's all for now gang - we'll check in before the Cowboys/Giants game tonight.

We're Out!


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