Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tilt Report - Ottawa

Reports are streaming out of the Ottawa media that John Muckler has already been fired as the general manager of the Ottawa Senators. Muckler has had a strong run as GM of this franchise and his only faults could be that he put to much faith in aging players such as Dominik Hasek. Expect Brian Murray to assume both the GM and head coach role for the Sens in the future. While Muckler has had a good run, it should be noted that at his age the new NHL may have passed him by.

The UFC event in Belfast was a success and the mixed martial arts organization announced its plans for an event in Montreal. UFC is fast becoming a respected sporting event, drawing huge crowds around the world. It's good to see martial arts (even in this format) getting some attention.

Now for some peeves of mine. As someone who is involved in various fantasy I was extremely disburded by someone's comments to me in a fantasy league. After I made, what I assumed was a good trade offer for Justin Germano and Aaron Harang (I offerd Alfonso Sorinao and Jeff Kent in return), I was countered with the following:

From me:


I responded to the individual stating that the trade was absolutely ridiculous and that he ought to get a fantasy guide. His reponse was as follows:

"got the worst team for how long bruce lee??? gonna smash yer jap ass real soon!!! lmao"

Now I generally have no offense to friendly banter, but this clearly crosses the line. Firstly, Bruce Lee is Chinese (which is far from being Japanese). I'm also of South Korean decent, but obviously this individual lacks the geographic knowledge to comprehend such facts. To me such comments like this confirms that there continues to be a rampent existence of "honkeys", who have no place in North American society. Absolutely disgraceful if you ask me...and I hope that those who visit this site do not hold such views of others. If sports ought to teach one thing, it is respect for your opponents, no matter their ethnicity, religion or sex.

My final peeve are related to those who rip off others. You may have seen the "I Heart Hazel Mae" T-Shirt photo posted by myself on this site. I was disgusted to find that someone had ripped off this photo and is currently using it on their own site. The only thing I can say is to this individual is that if they wish to have such a photo - go take it yourself. The photo was posted on this site by myself for the enjoyment of this blogs readers. I sincerely hope that this individual removes the photo from their site.


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