Thursday, January 11, 2007

Unbeleafable - Unbelievable Even!

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

The Maple Leafs went into Buffalo last night with seven regulars out of the lineup and they found a way to beat the Sabres - a team that has had their number over the last five years. The Buds got two goals from RW Jeff O'Neill, who is looking more like the guy that played in Carolina, and a goal and an assist from Rip Van Winkle (aka Alex Steen) in the win. From all accounts, the Leafs out worked the Sabres, who rarely get outworked, and got solid goaltending from Andrew Raycroft. Leaf Nation might be ready to take a step back from the panic button - for a few days anyways.

Bittersweet sweet night for Hazel - the Bruins blew a lead three times last night before losing in a shootout to the Islanders...ouch.

So, the world's most over-rated, over-hyped, and over-exposed football player has agreed to a five year - TWO HUNDREAD AND FIFTY MILLION DOLLAR contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy of the MLS. This is proof positive that the United States of American doesn't get, and will never get, "world" football. The Galaxy will spin this the way the Sox spun Matsuzaka's signing - that it is as much about business opportunities (marketing) as it is about making their product better - I think everyone outside of the Galaxy's front office knows that they will never recoup that money. Beckham notoriety came from the fact that he played for two giants - Manchester United and Real Madrid...the LA Galaxy don't hold the same cachez. Beckham will be forgotten by world football fans in under a year - and I just can't see sports fans running out to buy Beckham jerseys for more than a year or so. Beckham is going to be hard-pressed to establish himself as the best player in the MLS...this is a train wreck waiting to happen, and unfortunately for American "soccer" fans, the casualty is going to be the whole MLS. This is the New York Cosmos all over again. Unbelievable.

Beckham has often been chided for not being the brightest star in the sky - but any guy who can parlay losing his spot on England's National Team and his starting spot on Real Madrid into a $250M contract is no fool. Beckham knew that he had become a bit player on the world football scene and bolted before his play slipped even more - he'll hide out in the States, make $50M a year, and look to hire a new nanny. Word is that New York Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez is writing the Galaxy a thank you note - and is planning to personally greet Beckham upon his arrival in the U.S. Word from Texas is that Roger Clemens is now looking for FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS to pitch for half a season this year - his reasoning is that he is twice as good as Beckham.

So Barry Bonds tested positive for amphetamines last season, but was not suspended as they aren't banned, initially blamed it on a teammate and then says he never attempted to attribute his positive test to pills he took from Mark Sweeney's locker. The thing that gets me is that incidents like this were never supposed to be publicized - a first offence on a violation like testing positive for amphetamines is not supposed to be announced - yet someone in MLB leaked the information to a newspaper. Barry Bonds' MLB's Al Capone - it would be pretty funny if the San Francisco Giants' refused to finalize his contract.

Renee checked in to yahoo last night with her thoughts on the Boston Bruins:

Is Zdeno Chara ever going to start acting like captain and fight or what?

Here's this 6'9" behemouth whom the Bruins sign for HUGE bucks. He has/had a reputation as a great defenseman and an enforcer. Bruins fans were psyched. Now the big goof won't drop his gloves and take a 5 minute fighting major to send a message or get this team going.

Now before y'all start laying this new NHL shit and we need Z on the ice more than the the
penalty box. Those theories are baseless. The Bruins dress 6 professional defensemen.
They can play without Chara for 5 minutes.

Captains are leaders. Murray and Bergeron who wear the A's are not fighters Chara supposedly is. Its time Chara stopped acting like a big friggin' pussy drop the gloves and fight. He looks like a big geek out there.


I put a question to the peeps on yahoo - pick ONE winner on Saturday. I'm in a pretty big playoff suicide pool and we are down to 19 after the first weekend in the NFL. I'm leaning towards picking New Orleans who are down to 4.5 favourites over Philadelphia. Renee and I made our picks on yahoo.

BALTIMORE -3.5 over Indianapolis

Renee says:
Colts invade Baltimore their former home. Expect the Ravens crowd to really be into this game
and all over Peyton Manning.

In the end I think Manning shines. Having the greatest clutch kicker in Vinatieri makes it even better. COLTS win outright.

Pogue says:
I don't think the Colts D can rise to the occasion for a second straight week against a good rushing team - the are STILL the league's worst defence against the run, it was ONE good game. The Colts stacked eight in the box and put the game in an injured Trent Green's hands - if they try that against McNair, he'll pick them apart by throwing to Todd Heap and the wideouts off of play action. Baltimore has more playmakers on defence that the Chiefs do - if Manning had trouble with the Chiefs indoors, what is going to happen against a monster defence like Baltimore OUTDOORS???

NEW ORLEANS -4.5 over Philadelphia

Renee says:
I like the fact that the Saints are playing for the pride of New Orleans - Reggie Bush runs all over Philadelphia.

Note: Renee can get right to the point...if you read her blog, you already know that.

Pogue says:
The Eagles will find that Drew Brees isn't Eli Manning. New Orleans is going to run McAllister between the tackles and burn the Eagles with screen passes to Reggie Bush and play action to take advantage of an Eagles secondary that will be without Lito Sheppard - Colston and Horn will have big games. Garcia looked ordinary against a weak Giants D - he's going to find things a lot tougher going against a Saints D that will be emotionally charged and looking to rip his head off. Take win big.

Scary thing: our girl Tina is picking the Eagles...that concerns me.

Toronto Maple Leafs RW Jeff O'Neill scores two goals to lead the "Marlies" to a 4-2 victory against the East leading Buffalo Sabres. Unbeleafable.

Anaheim Ducks RW Teemu Selanne had a hat-trick in Anaheim's 5-1 pasting of the Dallas Stars last night. Selanne steps up in the absence of Chris Pronger.

Minnesota Wild LW Brian Roltson had two goals and an assists to lead the Wild to a 5-2 win over the red hot Vancouver Canucks.

We had a decent night last night, recovering a bit from back to back bad nights. We ended up + $90 on the balance sheet - but our total for week is an abysmal - $520...we'll get it back before week's end.

Nashville over Columbus - Predators at home, that's all you need to know. Lay $100 on Nashville - $290.

Edmonton over Minnesota - the Wild struggle on the road and the Oilers are playing some good hockey. Lay $75 on the Oilers - $165.

That's it...we don't like the Jersey/Atlanta game.

That's it for today peeps - have a great one.

Today is all about being unique and following a different path. Don't let ridicule stop you from doing what you know in your heart is the right thing. A trip will pay off and a gift or winning is apparent. 3 stars

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - for Real Madrid and David Beckham

My Favourite Mistake - Sheryl Crow

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!


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