Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hazel - Time To Push The Panic Button

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

A tough night all around last night. The Toronto Marlies (with the injuries the Leafs have right now...they aren't the Leafs) dropped one to the Carolina Hurricanes last night; I don't know if Hazel Karma can pull us out of this mess - we need a few more games against the Bruins. To make matters worse - the Bruins were in town last night and fell apart, blowing a third period 2-0 lead to the Tards; eventually losing 5-2.

Up until last night's game, Bruins G Tim Thomas seemed to have the Tards number, but it came completely undone last night - the Bruins missed Zdeno Chara and Brad Stuart, but to blow the game the way they did (after outplaying the Tards over the first two periods) is inexcusable. Hazel must be used to seeing that though - the Maple Leafs have made blowing third period leads an artform this year.

A public service announcement to any Bruins fans reading this blog (John S from yahoo...are you reading?) - I have some bad news for you guys and girls. I read some of the Boston sports messageboards and I see that you guys are awaiting the arrival of former Maple Leafs' prospect Tuuka Rask like he is the second coming of Jesus himself - well gang, don't hold your breath. Rask has not been lighting it up in Finland, and is coming off a couple of sub-par performances at the last TWO World Junior Hockey Championships - his play has been described as "indifferent" at the worst of times and "average" at the best of times.

You may not like Toivonen, you may hate Raycroft - by the way, Raycroft had much better pedigree than Rask has - but I don't think you are going to love Rask as much as you think you are.

Arsenal Gunners Striker Julio Baptista scored four goals in a 6-3 win over Liverpool yesterday in Carling Cup action - Baptista also missed a penalty shot. The win came a few days after Arsenal knocked Liverpool out of the FA Cup playdowns. Julio is aptly nicknamed "The Beast" - I think the Reds would agree.

Washington Capitals wonderkid Alexander Ovechkin had two goals and an assist to lead the Caps to a 6-2 beatdown of the Flyers last night. You know the rule about anyone who punishes the Flyers...they get play here. The fact that Ovechkin is a member of Hazel's Maeple Leafs was also a factor.

Nashville Predators D Marek Zidlicky had three assists to lead the Predators to a 5-4 overtime win against the Anaheim Ducks last night. Nashville looks like they are ready to make a statement in the NHL.

UGH! All three of our picks blew leads last night - the worst being Dallas rolling over for the Coyotes. It was an awful night, winding up $270 in the red and $305 in the red for the week. Back later with the picks.

That's it for this morning...have a great one peeps!

Put problems behind you where they belong. Rely on your talent and your ability to pull things together quickly. Collaborating with a peer will make you twice as powerful when it comes to presentation and getting ahead. 3 stars

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

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Peesth Out...Buh Bye!


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