Sunday, January 21, 2007

Road Warriors

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Conference Championship Sunday Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

Nothing good about last night, nothing at all. The Maple Leafs were spanked by the Penguins last night in a game where breathing on a Penguins player was a penalty last night; and the SenaTards spanked by the Bruins last night - Bruins G Hannu Toivonen stood on his head last night to hold the Tards to 2 goals when they could have (and probably should have) had six. Oh yeah, poker sucked too.

NFL Championship Sunday - a day for road warriors. We've been discussing it on yahoo all week, and most of us like the road teams today...Renee being the only dissenter in the bunch - we think she's picking the Bears and Colts, though she hasn't come out and officially said it. You are probably bored to death with all the analysis, so I'll offer the following. Brees vs Grossman, and Brady vs. Manning - who would you pick?

HAZEL'S THREE STARS - because we have to, not because we want to this morning.

St. Louis Blues G Manny Legace made 34 saves in a 1-0 victory over San Jose last night - this one hurts because it killed out big play last night.

Nashville Predators C David Legwand had 3 goals and an assist in a 6-3 pasting of the Blackhawks last night.

Calgary Flames G Miikaa Kiprusoff made 32 saves in a 4-0 win over the Oilers last night - he stood on his head in the third period to preserve the shutout.

Note: No SenaTards or Penguins were hurt in picking the three stars...though we'd really like to hurt some of them this morning.


We blew the damn bank last night - thanks to the San Jose Sharks who have killed us this year...they are about to be put into the Ron Mexico category where we just stay away from them.

New Orleans +2.5 over Chicago - New Orleans has too many options on offence for the Bears to deal with; and do you really want to trust Rex Grossman to have two good weeks? Lay $75 on the Saints.

New England +3 over Indianapolis - the sucker bet says that you pick Manning and the Colts because "he has to win one eventually", that is what Vegas wants everyone to think. We discussed this on yahoo earlier this week, Tarkinton, Fouts and Marino - three of the best of their generation who never won the big one...don't expect Manning to do it today. Lay $150 on the Pats +3 and say thank you.

That's it for this morning gang...have a great one peeps!

Get out today and you will find yourself traveling down an interesting road. A little ingenuity along with some new ideas will lead to a new concept. Love and romance will engulf you. 4 stars

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world - enjoy your NFL Sunday after an awful Saturday night.

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Peesth Out - Buh Bye!


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