Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Last Word On Marty

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in today. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

So I took some flak for yesterday's post when I said that Marty Schottenheimer didn't blow the game for the Chargers and that, as a matter of fact, I think he put his team in a position to win.

My reasoning was that the Chargers had a decent offensive game plan - he didn't try to outwit the Patriots by using Tomlinson as a decoy, he got the ball into Tomlinson's hands and took some of the pressure off of Rivers. Schottenheimer couldn't control the on field brain cramps of Drayton Florence who took a stupid penalty that prolonged a New England drive; he couldn't control the fact that Eric Parker couldn't catch a cold yesterday, and he couldn't run on the field to tell Chargers' FS Marlon McCree to knock the damn ball down on a fourth down pass. Marty's team let him down - I'm sticking to that.

But in the interest of fairness, some of our astute readers pointed out the following Marty gaffs -
  • not choosing to try a field goal in the first quater, opting instead to go for it on a 4th and 11 on New England's the 30 yard line - the end result was a sack.
My answer - Marty was in a no-win situation. He couldn't punt for field position; had he opted for the field goal and missed (likely considering Kaeding doesn't have a strong leg and a slight wind was in his face) he would have given the Patriots instant field position. The end result was no better than a missed field goal. Schottenheimer couldn't possibly win in that situation, a missed field goal would have killed his guys - I think he was trying to send his team a message - "No Martyball today - I believe in you guys." It didn't work.
  • challenging the play where Troy Brown stripped McCree after the interception and costing his team a timeout they desperately needed at the end of the game.
My answer - ok, bad call definitely, but what we he supposed to do? He was likely told to challenge the call by guys in the booth. Maybe he wanted to give his team a chance to compose themselves after a brutal turn of events. Who knows...but we often here announcers say "He has to challenge it...it probably won't work, but he has to try." That being said though, it was a terrible decision on his part - but that makes ONE bad decision on the day.

I don't think Marty blew the game against New England - but who cares? The Patriots won and that is all that is important...right?

Boston Bruins' G Tim Thomas stopped 34 shots in regulation and stoned Daniel Briere, Alex Kotalik and Thomas Vanek in the shootout to lead the Bruins to a 3-2 victory over the Sabres. It sucked for our Three Play - but you have to give it up to him. I think Hazel would agree.

Detroit Red Wings G "Robotron" (aka Dominik Hasek) made 23 saves in a 2-0 victory over the Montreal Canadiens last night - we like anyone who shuts the door on the Habs.

San Jose Sharks' C Patrick Marleau had a goal and two assists in a 3-1 victory over Colorado last night.


Another 2-1 night and we end up $45 in the red - we are going to suggest a few favourites today.

Atlanta over LA Kings - the Kings lost in Dallas yesterday afternoon against a Stars team missing three key players, its only going to get worse tonight in Atlanta. Lay $100 on the Thrashers - $320.

Ottawa over Washington - the Tards are on a good roll right now (my to my chagrin), and I can't see them dropping this to a Washington team that seems like they are lost and disinterested. Lay $75 on the Tards - $260.

Vancouver over Montreal - Roberto Luongo is on fire right now and he heads back to Montreal to play the Habs, he's always good at the Bell Centre. Lay $50 on Vancouver + $115.

That's about it for tonight gang...have a great one peeps!

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Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - I have questioned Boston G Tim Thomas in the past, his turn to respond

2 Legit to Quit - MC Hammer

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