Friday, January 19, 2007

F'd Up Fridays

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

It has been a while since we have done a Weird & Whacked Wednesday update (so long that we forgot we did it on Wednesdays...oh well, call it F'd up Friday) - for new readers to the page, Wednesday entries take a look back at the week that was in the world of sports and highlight some of the more notable newsmakers and their stories. Generally, the stories fall under the category of the weird, the whacked, or the just plain dumb - I'll let you decide where you think each fits.



NY Giants DL Michael Strahan's car was surrounded by police officers on Monday night - Strahan tried to confront his ex wife when he went to drop off his 2 year old twin daughters on Sunday night. Strahan lost in when the "live-in" carpenter told Strahan that his ex-wife wasn't home and that the nanny had the day off. Strahan was quoted as screaming "If Jean isn't here in five minutes, there's going to be trouble." Read the story for a complete account of what happened.

File this one under whacked - first off, who has a "live-in carpenter"? Second, Strahan drops his kids off with his new girlfriend in the front seat, and loses it when he hears his wife isn't home - he goes ballistic with his daughters in the back seat of the truck. If that wasn't enough, he violates a custody agreement when he jumped out of his Escalade to confront the carpenter - before storming off, only to start to circling the house. Suddenly, the plight of New Jersey Nets' PG Jason Kidd seems pretty tame and almost normal.

I know that during playoff time it is customary to show your opponents a lot of respect and not give them any bulletin board material to rally around; but Saints' head coach Sean Payton spread it on a little thick when asked to comment on the Chicago Bears win over the Seattle Seahawks and the performance of Bears QB Rex Grossman. Payton said he thought Grossman was outstanding against the Seahawks, and went on to mention Grossman in the same sentence as New England's Tom Brady when talking about how both players played with confidence to lead their teams to victory.

File this one under just plain dumb - there's showing respect to the opposition - but that's going too far. If I'm Grossman, I read that as Payton mocking me. Payton could have showed respect for Grossman and the Bears by saying something innocuous like "He led his team to victory and that is what matters." Instead, he starts using words like "outstanding" and comparing Grossman's performance to Tom Brady's. I'm still pissed at the Saints for not covering on Saturday, so I hope Payton's words are prophetic - I hope that Grossman is truly outstanding this Sunday in a Bears win over the Saints.

Ron Mexico was asked to surrender his water bottle at Miami Internation Airport Wednesday (see? Wednesdays...I tell ya) - Police said the bottle smelled like marijuana and contained a substance in a hidden compartment. Vick wasn't arrested and was allowed to board the flight to Atlanta. The Ron Mexico trifecta: allegedly giving a woman herpes, giving Falcons fans the finger, and now this. Way to go Michael.

File this one under just plain dumb - two words "Ron Mexico"...with Airports scrutinzing everything, with the NFL policy on substance use/abuse, and coming off a forgettable season filled with controversy - he gets caught on this? He gratuated from Virginia Tech huh? Things that make you go hmmmm - or ha ha.



The Texas Rangers are said to be working on a deal to sign the former Creatine Cub Sammy Sosa to a minor league contract. The Rangers have gone on record saying he'll have to earn a spot on the team. I guess their scouts didn't get out to Camden Yards a couple of years ago to see the new and much less improved Sosa struggle in Baltimore - anyone else notice how skinny he got after dumping the Creatine? Maybe they'll cork a bat for him.

File this one under just plain dumb - the Rangers have no clue...they are destined to be a last place team forever. Someone please get my boy Mark Texeira out of there - he deserves better than this.



Everyone has heard that David Beckham signed a 5 year $250M deal with the L.A. Galaxy of the MLS. It all made sense when I heard that the GM of the Galaxy is none other than former U.S. International Alexei over substance. Check out David Beckham's "Fact Box" - you know I'm loving all the references to losses to Portugal.

File this one under whacked - to try to put this into perspective for our American friends, this signing is equivalent to a guy like Rondell White of the Twins signing a $250M dollar contract with a Double A team. Think about it...that about sums it up. Beckham could still play for a lot of teams in Europe - just not for that kind of money...not even for a quarter of that money. The MLS will collapse under this contract.

Good night for Leaf Nation (and Hazel) in the NHL last night. The Maple Leafs win in Florida last night to go 2-0 on the swing - which is a pretty tough thing to do. The Bruins come back and win over Greg Louganis (aka Sidney Crosby) and the Penguins, and the SenaTards drop one to the Canucks.

We'll be back later with a breakdown of this week's Conference Championship games in the NFL. We'll see if Renee refers to "her Colts" again - it raised eyebrows on yahoo.

Tampa Bay Lightning C Brad Richards had two goals in regulation and the winner in the shootout in a 3-2 victory over Martin Brodeur and the New Jersey Devils.

Vancouver Canucks G Roberto Luongo stopped 34 shots in a 2-1 victory over the SenaTards - you know the deal with anyone who hands it to the Tards.

Montreal Canadiens G Cristobal Huet made 44 saves in a 4-1 victory over the Atlanta Thrashers last night - a great game by Huet, but its like putting a band-aid on a gash

We broke even on Wednesday night - with the Sabres win covering losses by Nashville and Calgary. We are still up for the week; tonight we increase the total:

Buffalo over Vancouver - I know Vancouver is the hottest team in the league right now, but they are playing their third game in four nights and fourth in seven. The streak ends tonight in Buffalo. Lay $100 on the Sabres - $225.

We'll think about the other ones during the day today...

That's it for this morning peeps. Enjoy your Friday


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