Friday, November 24, 2006

Tom Brady Jr.

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

Well, Tony Romo tied a Dallas Cowboys franchise record for TD passes in a single game with five of them against Tampa Bay. Say what you will about about Tampa Bay's depleted defence - but five TD in a game against any NFL defence is impressive. A lot of people are trying to get under the skin of Cowboys' fans by saying that Romo is the next coming of Kurt Warner - a flash in the pan, who will have a good season or two and flicker out into obscurity; well, I prefer to look at it as Romo being more like the next coming of Tom Brady - a guy who came in with little fanfare and got the job done. I'm not saying Romo will be as good as Brady - but he will be better than Warner.

What a great day of football, though I had to tape the Detroit-Miami game (damn work). The Cowboys, Lions and Chiefs all won yesterday...meaning week 12 in the pools is off to a pretty good start.

It shouldn't come as any surprise that Dallas Cowboys' QB Tony Romo makes the list. Romo continued his great run yesterday by completing 22 of 29 passes for 306 yards and FIVE TDs. What made it all the more impressive was that Romo shrugged off three drops by Terrell Owens and still kept firing. Honourable mention goes to Terry Glenn who caught 4 balls for 89 yards and two TDs. How about them Cowboys? By the way, the seat next to me on the Cowboys' bus to the Super Bowl is reserved for Hazel...she will always be welcomed into the fold.

Yesterday I said that if anyone could mathc LaDainian Tomlinson's 100+ yard game against Denver it would be Kansas City RB Larry Johnson - and dammit it all if I wasn't right. Johnson led the (Hazel's ???) Chiefs to a 19-10 victory over the Broncos, rushing the ball 34 times for 154 yards and a TD. NFL RB 1A proved why he belongs up there with L.T.

Miami's Joey Harrington had a triumphant return to Detroit yesterday - Harrington complete 19 of 29 passes for 213 yards and three TD (though he had a brain cramp at the end of the first quarter and threw a dumb INT at the goal line). Harrington had a pretty good day despite three dropped passes by his receivers. I figure this is likely the only time "Happy Feet" Harrington will make it on the stop for Joey? Dancing with the Stars.

Ok, I had to post this one. Watching the games yesterday - a few people stuck out as looking particularly foolish for their antics on and off the field of play.

Admittedly, I didn't get to watch the Lions/Dolphins game, but I watched the 1st half on tape; that was more than enough to hand out the first two turkey awards.

Lions' WR Roy Williams is front and centre for his first quarter antics. Williams was dominant on the first drive, no question - but to be doing that first down point after making a catch? Dude, its NOT your first NFL game, so act like you've done it before. Second, your team went into the game 2-8...I don't think you should be celebrating anything when your team is playing like that.

Lions' QB Jon Kitna was right behind Williams on the list. Watching this guy walk down the field nodding his head on the first drive and jumping around like he won the Super Bowl on his TD pass was a little too much to take. Again, came into the game 2-8, your team has been awful and not above blowing leads - to be jumping around after the opening drive isn't too smart. Dishonourable mention goes to DB Dre Bly, who immediately jumped around looking for a flag on a fair catch of a punt return - Bly signalled for a fair catch, a Miami Dolphins special teamer just touched him after the catch and he was jumping around looking for a flag - and celebrating when the official threw one.

Last but certainly not least - Chuckie. After tearing out of work to get the to the opening kickoff of the Dallas/Tampa Bay game, I got to see the Bucs take the ball in for a TD on the opening drive of the game. That was tough enough to take - but to watch Chuckie celebrating on the sideline, screaming "F'in righht!!!!" after the opening drive was pretty weak. Again, Gruden...your team came in 3-7, your last win was over a pathetic Redskins team missing their number 1 back; you have nothing to be celebrating you jackass. It was fun to see his reaction after every Dallas TD.

I'm not going to pile on Jake Plummer today - I felt kinda bad for him last night with all of the talk that he was playing for his job. Plummer should feel fortunate that he has gotten this much out of Denver - nice knowin ya Jake.

Well, we had another great day yesterday going 3-0 and adding $200 to the balance sheet - had you been following our picks this week, you'd be $415 in the black...not bad for 4 days. We'll start off with some afternoon hockey - as tempting as college football is, I don't follow it close enough to make an informed choice, witnessed by the fact that Boston College's loss to the Hurricanes cost me a $150 ticket on Pro-Line.

Minnesota over Phoenix - the Coyotes won their game for the week against the Devils. The Wild are banged up and hurting a little, but they have too much for the Coyotes, especially on home ice where they are dominant. Lay $100 on Wild - $240.

Carolina over Boston - I know the Bruins have been on a decent run as of late and Hazel could likely take in this afternoon matchup - who knows? I just think that the Hurricanes are the kind of team that is going to give the Bruins big problems - they are fast, and their power play can be deadly. With apologies to Hazel, I'm saying lay $50 on the Hurricanes -$135.

Oh what the hell - we're up this week and it will make it interesting.

Arkansas +2 over LSU - after saying I don't do college football, here I am. Playing at home, playing on national television on Thanksgiving weekend - if that isn't enough to motivate the Razorbacks, I don't know what is. Lay $25 on the Razorbacks to cover (and win outright).

We'll try to get back later this after with a night time selection for the three play.

That's about it for this morning - have a great one peeps!

Focus on money-making deals, winnings, money owed or any other means that will bring you extra cash and you will make financial gains. Don't let your emotions get involved in your professional dealings. 2 stars

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world and that you are enjoying a safe and happy holiday weekend down there.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - because I'll tune into the Razorbacks and Tigers game this afternoon.

Saturday Night - The Razorbacks (Hazel would have heard of them back in the day in Toronto).

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!


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