Tuesday, November 21, 2006

This "Just-in"

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

Much to the chagrin of Red Sox Nation and those idiots in New York - David "Big Papi" Ortiz and Derek Jeter were both passed over for the American League's Most Valuable Player award. New Westminster born Justin Morneau of the Minnesota Twins (and Hazel Mae's Heroes in the yahoo pool) was given the award. Morneau edged out Derek Jeter by 14 points and David by 127 points - the shocker in the voting was that Ortiz didn't get one first place vote.

While everyone outside of Minnesota is ripping the decision - from comparing Morneau's numbers to Jeter's and Ortiz' to comparing Morneau's contributions to his team with those of teammate Joe Mauer - a very good case can be made that Morneau had much less support than Jeter and Ortiz, and the fact that he took a team devoid of any real superstars (other than Santana and Liriano) to the playoffs. Morneau was one of the key figures in the Twins drive for the Wild Card in the A.L. When you combine his numbers with what his team accomplished - Morneau isn't the worst pick as the MVP. While I think Hazel was disappointed that her pal Big Papi didn't take home the hardware - she had to have cracked a bit of a smile that a Canadian took home the honour (Canadian spelling). Bravo Justin!

Season Finale of Rescue Me up here tonight - ya, I know, Renee has reminded me a million times that we are behind up here...whatever - so a quick post tonight.

Week 11 of the NFL in the books and two teams in the Hazel Mae Fantasy Football pool have clinched playoff spots - there will be a dog fight for the last two spots. Standings after week 11 see Commish Drisc and surprising Tina at the top of the heap.

8-2-1 Fighting Bobcats - owned by Commish Drisc who is likely going to tweak his roster as he coasts to the playoffs.

8-3 Tina's Team - owned by Tina who is proving to be a shrewd manager - thank God she isn't in the hockey pool.

5-6 Jack O'Lantern - owned by Hubie who is going to burn out the damn waiver wire if he keeps this up - he is going to be the Triple Crown winner for waiver moves.

4-7 Ageswimmer - owned by Bushey, who has yet to reach out to the peeps.

4-7 Hazel Mae's Cowboys - owned by El Presidente, who celebrated this week's loss by watching the Cowboys beat the Colts.

3-8 Ithaca Commons - owned by our boy Kevin who needs to check in on yahoo to give his peeps an update.

The "Hazel Hockey League" on yahoo saw some movement this week. The top two and bottom two teams flip flopped this week - the scary thing in all this is that Hubie is in 1st and Renee is out of last and movin' on up.

56.0 - Double DD Bandits - owned by Hubie, who just ordered a cup of coffee to celebrate his arrival in the top spot.

50.0 - Weekend Warriors
- owned by bakerboy Chris, who has been pretty quiet these days.

45.5 - Skating Bobcats - owned by Drisc, who is always the voice of reason on the board.

40.5 - Hazel's Maeple Leafs - owned by El Presidente who is celebrating American Thanksgiving with the thought of the Maple Leafs being back on track.

30.5 - Ice Bitches - owned by Renee who's team recorded the biggest jump in points.

29.5 - Hanson Brothers - owned by Sparky, who is giving up the dream of the Hazelspeeps double.

That's about it for tonight gang. Have a great one peeps!

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Night on Hazelspeeps - for Mr. Morneau

Oh Canada - Traditional

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!


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