Wednesday, November 22, 2006

NFL Picks

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

Thanksgiving Day in the US tomorrow means NFL Football - three games tomorrow; so that means our NFL picks had to be in today. I'm doing my picks in the Straight Up pool - I'll look at the spreads pool later and post my picks tomorrow.

16) SAN DIEGO over Oakland - If Denver couldn't stop Tomlinson, do you think Oakland stands a chance? San Diego returns home after two road wins, they won't let down against Aaron Brooks and the Raiders.

15) DALLAS over Tampa Bay - No way Dallas loses this game - this one is for first place. Parcells will have them ready to play and sink the Bucs. Word is that T.O. was too focused on practicing this week to send McNabb a get well text message. Who in the hell would text message someone to say get well?

14) INDIANAPOLIS over Philadelphia - Questions are starting to surface about how legit the Colts are - Manning quiets the doubters on Sunday be beating the Eagles without the Chunky Soup lovin' mama's boy. Garcia gets the start for Philly coming off a Brad Johnson/Chad Pennington like game where he averaged 7+ yards per completion. This one is going to be ugly.

13) SEATTLE over Green Bay - Seattle was embarrassed by San Fran last week - they'll take out their frustrations on a banged up Favre.

12) ST. LOUIS over San Francisco - Good news for the 49ers, Antonio Bryant won't be driving the team bus to the game. Bad news for the 49ers, they are going into the dome - Bulger has a big game to lead the Rams to a victory.

11) Carolina over WASHINGTON - ok, for those of you who missed it last week - No Portis, No Chance for the Skins. Jason Campbell have you met Julius Peppers? Carolina wins this one easily, with Steve Smith leading Hazel Mae's Cowboys to a win...I mean the Carolina Panthers.

10) MINNESOTA over Arizona - I can't believe I'm putting this much faith in that noodle-armed Brad Johnson, but have you seen the Cardinals play? I know Larry Fitzgerald is back...but it was only the Lions last week.

09) N.Y. JETS over Houston - speaking of noodle arms, have you met Chad Pennington? Houston is a team that finds ways to lose - the Jets find ways to win. I'll take the Jets thank you.

08) Cincinnati over CLEVELAND - Carson Palmer and "Ocho Cinco" are heating it up these days - may be a case of a too little, too late - but they'll get in done against the Browns.

07) BALTIMORE over Pittsburgh - the talk of another Steelers run ends this Sunday when they visit the Ravens. The Ravens defence will smother that running game and force Roethlisberger to win it with his arm - haha, that's a funny thought.

06) NEW ENGLAND over Chicago - Expect the Patriots to run the ball against Chicago, and Brady to mix in a few timely long balls; Richard Seymour answers critics with a big game. Chicago finds out what its like to play against the big boys in the NFL.

05) NY GIANTS over Tennessee - Manning is better than what he has shown in the last couple of game (at least Hazel Mae's Cowboys hope so) and Vince Young isn't quite as good as he has shown (not yet anyway). The injury riddled Giants pull out a win to stay tied with Dallas in first.

04) Jacksonville over BUFFALO - the Jags defence will make J.P. Losman look like the J.P. Losman we have seen for most of this season - confused, confounded, and scattered. No Monday Night hangover for the Jags this week.

03) Miami over DETROIT - statement game for Miami - are they just plain bad, or are they "Detroit Lions bad", there's a difference you know. Jason Taylor elevates Miami to just plain bad in a win over the really really really bad Lions.

02) KANSAS CITY over Denver - Hi, welcome to Thoughts of Hazel Mae...have you met Hazel? Seriously, last Sunday night was the beginning of the unravelling of Jake Plummer. If L.T. can go for 100 against the Broncos, you can bet that Larry Johnson can too.

01) ATLANTA over New Orleans - you know the deal with me and Ron Mexico. I don't trust the guy...but the Saints are starting to fall back to earth after a great start. Jim Mora Sr. called Vick a "Coach killer", I think he's right...but we'll let Vick answer that on Sunday.

There you have it gang...I'm going to make my picks against the spreads. Have a great one peeps!

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

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Peesth Out...Buh Bye!


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