Sunday, May 21, 2006

Did Anyone Notice?

Hey Peeps and anyone else checkin in. A special Sunday morning "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

Well, he did it - Barry Bonds tied Babe Ruth for second place on the all-time HR list.

* - this is an asterisk...get used to seeing it next to Barry's name.

I think the only person, outside of Barry's family and "friend", who may be smiling it Rafael Palmeiro...Barry's HR pursuit had made Palmeiro a distant memory. I've already spent too much time talking about Barry...just watch Bonds on Bonds - ugh.

The Buffalo Sabres won Game 1 in Carolina yesterday in Carolina. The Sabres, who didn't play very well, pulled out a 3-1 victory over the Hurricanes yesterday. While I didn't think they'd win yesterday's game - I did call them for a series win. Not only can Buffalo skate with Carolina, they outskated some of the Canes' vets like Recchi, Weight and Wesley - the speed advantage goes to Bufffalo and so does the advantage in goal. Ryan Miller is playing as well as anyone right now - Buffalo looks like a team of destiny.

Game 2 of the Oilers/Ducks series goes today - look for Anaheim to rebound with a win. The Oilers won Game 1 on adrenalin, the emotion of beating San Jose and being one round away from a Stanley Cup Final. The Ducks know today's game is critical, and the series is likely over if they lose - I'm calling a 4-2 Ducks win today. For the record, I'm calling the Ducks to win the Series in seven games...sorry Canada, its just the way I see it.

Gotta book now...more later. Have a great one peeps.

Don't hold back, especially with a personal project that can affect your future cash flow. You can do something special for someone you have known for some time. Looking back and reflecting on your past will help you move forward with confidence. 3 stars

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world. Enjoy your Sunday

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