Sunday, May 14, 2006

Deja-Vu All Over Again

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special Sunday morning "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

I didn't think the Sabres would close out the series with the SenaTards last night - figuring the SenaTards would win at least one game at home - but the Sabres did it; they won 3-2 in overtime last night with Jason Pominville scoring a short-handed goal to seal the deal.

The excuses, explanations and extenuating reasons for the Tards are filling up the sports pages and air time on the Team 12oo.
  • The SenaTards never played their "A-game" - this is a favourite of the Ottawa media, who thinks this is the greatest team since Gretzky's Oilers.

    This is typical - they give no credit to the other team for shutting the Tards down; in other words, the Tards didn't play their "A-game" because they were prevented from doing so. That is the point of playing - the strategy is to take you off your game Buffalo shut you with it

  • The series was a lot closer than it looked - they were all one goal games. The media kept talking about how close each game was, how fine the line was between winning and losing.

    Well, the SenaTards lost all three games at home, whether by one, two, or ten goals...losing three home games in one series isn't close.

  • They are still young - they just need a bit more experience. Another favourite excuse of the fans and media.

    Not so fast - this is hardly a "young team" in terms of experience. As mentioned here before, the core of the team has been together for years - Alfredsson, Redden, Phillips, Chara - are all in the late 20's to early 30's...all with 7+ years of NHL experience. Even the young guys like Havlat and Heatley have plenty of NHL experience. The young guys they have had to plug in is a result of the salary cap - everyone has to do it...get used to it.

  • They just lack a bit of leadership and toughness - see above noted point.

    If guys with 7+ years aren't ready to provide leadership...chances are they will never be able to - it isn't in them. As for the toughness - the Tards traded away grit and toughness - Hossa for Heatley. Right after the trade, I said that the Tards lost the trade and I still believe it. People around these parts mistook a missing tough and a northern birthplace for toughness. Dany Heatley has NEVER been a tough, gritty player - he plays on the outside. This series against Buffalo showed just how unwilling Heatley is to paying the price to make a play. Hossa was a bull and a guy that few defencemen in the league could handle one on one - Heatley is like most of the Tards...rough him up a little, frustrate him a little and he will disappear.

  • We missed having Hasek - While they haven't put the blame squarely on Emery's shoulders...not having Hasek is being offered up as the major reason for their demise.

  • Again, I mentioned this when they first announced Hasek's signing - putting your faith in a 40+ goalie who hadn't played in three years, and has had a history of bailing on his team (under the guise of not being 100%) was and still is laughable. John Muckler should be let go for this move - and the moves he didn't make as a result. Muckler and the Tards brass were either hoodwinked by Hasek when he said he could come back - or plain lying when they said he would be back in two weeks - then later, back for the playoffs. Somewhere between the two lies the truth, but I think they knew all along he wasn't coming back. Muckler refused to make a move to replace Hasek or to make the team better, claiming that the Tards would be fine when Hasek returned. Putting your faith in a headcase like Hasek just seems plain dumb.
I know most of you who check in here don't really care about hockey...but I know some of the Canadian peeps who check in do. Just my view on the SenaTards...another season of talk and very little action. Losing this series to Buffalo is the beginning of the Tards demise - free agency is going to hurt these guys...and the Tards faithful will be calling for front office blood - I can't blame them. Actually, I can - they are referred to as "the Tards" for a reason.

That's about it for right now...have a great one peeps. Enjoy your Sunday and be sure to call your mom and wish her a Happy Mother's Day...I think Hazel would want you to remember your mom today.

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Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world...looks like you (an all of us other Aries) are in for a great day.

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