Thursday, May 11, 2006

Wednesday Comes A Day Late

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

Where do I start with this week's entry? Hey, what would a Weird & Whacked Wednesday entry be without an update on our friend Ricky Williams? So in honour of Ricky...


Hazel's hometown Toronto Argonauts are very close to signing suspended Dolphins' RB Ricky Williams. The Argos claim they are just waiting for the official OK from the Dolphins. Some of you may know that a few years back, the CFL's marketing slogan was "Our Balls Are Bigger". Well, we are about to find out - its a Wednesday entry (ok, this week its a Thursday entry) so there has to be a twist. Talk is, that if the Argos sign Ricky, they are going to ask him to submit to drug testing, among other things. So if/when Ricky drops his drawer to pee in that cup - I guess we may just find out who's balls are bigger. I wonder of Ricky will be packing a Whizzinator to bring north. Speaking of which

Its Ricky Williams - where everything he does is weird or just plain whacked...take your pick.

Onterrio "The Whizzinator" Smith has told Blue Bombers management that he is very interested in playing in Winnipeg this year. Smith is just looking to fit in and be part of the team - he isn't looking to be "the guy", he just wants to get his career back on track. Good luck Onterrio

File this one under weird - he wants to come up north to get his career back on track, but he doesn't necessarily have to be "the guy".


Dutch international Ruud Van Nistelrooy walked out on Manchester United on Sunday after being left out of the starting lineup again, this time in favour of Italian teenager Giuseeppe Rossi. What makes this noteworthy for a Wednesday entry you ask? A couple of days after walking out on his team - Ruud was upset that Manchester United wouldn't let him take part in the Roy Keane tribute game on Tuesday.

File this one under weird - you walk out on your team and expect to be asked to come back to play in a game for a former teammate? HUP HUP HOLLAND...your number 1 striker is a bit of a head case.

Iran has announced a reversal in policy on women attending World Cup matches in Germany this June. Iranian President Mamouhd Ahmndinejad had decided that women could go to the games, but had to sit in sections apart from the men. The Prez was overruled by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who has ultimate say and banned women. Bet they would change their minds if they saw Hazel in the stands...I know I'd love to see her in Germany wearing the red "Quinas" jersey. Don't worry Hazel...Figo, Ronaldo, Deco and co. will fix those Iranians.

Because this is a matter of religious choice...I will refrain from categorizing it - but as the horse on Ren & Stimpy once said - "No sir, I don't agree with it at all."

The Tottenham Spurs played a game this past Sunday against West Ham United. Tottenham played the game under protest and tried to lobby the English FA to have the game replayed because 10 of their players were suffering from food poisoning. Tottenham lost the game 2-1, and coupled with Arsenal's win left the Spurs out of next year's Champions League tournament. It is estimated that could end up costing Tottenham millions next year...up to $26 big ones if they could make it to the final four. Just goes to show you English cuisine bites the big one.

File this one under whacked

Juventus' entire board of directors resigned in the wake of a scandal involving intercepted telephone calls. This has everything in the story.

File this under whacked - didn't these guys see Goodfellas? or the Godfather trilogy? Never use your damn office phones...always payphones!

That about does it for tonight - back to finish off the recap tomorrow. Have a great one peeps.

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Night on Hazelspeeps - for Mr. Van Nistelrooy

Rudy Can't Fail - The Clash

Peesth Out..Buh Bye!


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I just found this funny Hazel video on youtube.

you gotta see it

it's worthy of a full thumbs up, thumbs down review

keep rocking hazel!

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