Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sad Sack Saturday For The Devils

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

How about those Carolina Hurricanes? The Canes' humiliated Martin Brodeur and the Devils yesterday with a 6-0 shellacking. Going into the series, I thought Carolina had too much team speed for the Devils to deal with and that the difference would be the Canes' power play; five power play goals pretty much proves that point. The Devils' were totally overmatched yesterday, they couldn't keep up with Carolina and they paid for it - New Jersey wasn't even able to generate any real sustained offensive pressure on Cam Ward. Carolina's defence totally shut down Elias, Gionta and Gomez yesterday afternoon; Lagenbrunner and Madden were non-factors as well.

When the game was out of hand, New Jersey tried to intimidate the Canes and get physical after the whistle, to absolutely no avail I might add. The way New Jersey lost this game will stay with them for the rest of the series - there is nothing that they can look back at and build on, they are starting from ground zero...and against this Carolina team, that adds up to another loss in game 2, and quite possibly an early trip out of the playoffs, likely in 5 games vs the seven game series I predicted on Friday.

Look for the Anaheim to pick up where they left off on Friday night when they host Colorado again today. I'm not saying the Ducks are going to shut Avs, but I expect the Ducks to make it 2-0 today. Much like New Jersey yesterday, the Avs don't have much to look back at to build on - they were manhandled by the Ducks.

Joe Thornton. Patrick Marleau and the rest of the San Jose Sharks welcome the Edmonton Oilers tonight. Despite the steadying influence of veterans like Chris Pronger and Michael Peca, Edmonton is likely still flying high after beating the Red Wings; San Jose will bring them back to earth tonight. I don't think Edmonton's defence is deep enough to handle the two waves of scoring lines that will be coming at them tonight. Edmonton will put up a good fight, meaning they won't get pounded like the Avs and Devils did in the first game, but they certainly won't pull off what the Sabres managed to do against the SenaTards (have I mentioned how much I loved that win on Friday?). San Jose will win tonight, comfortably, but it won't be a blowout.

That's about it for this morning...I gotta book. Have a great one peeps!

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