Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Weird, Whacked and...Watched?

Hey Peeps, and anyone else checking - from the members of hazelspeeps and the semi-regulars who have been here before and know what Wednesdays are about on this blog - to those of you that have happened upon this page for the first time and are wondering to yourself, "What the...?"

As always, a special hey goes out to Ms. Hazel Mae - a woman who has been known to enjoy a good sports-related chuckle - I think she'd like the Wednesday recaps.

To those of you that are in the category of the former, I thank you for coming back to check in and hope that you find this entry relatively amusing, if not at least a little bit informative (special note to the semi-regulars but not “peeps” – whatcha waitin’ for? Go to yahoo and sign up).

To those of you that belong in the category of the latter, Wednesday entries look back at the weird, the whacked and the downright silly from the world of sports over the past seven days or so – the collective “we” here like to poke a little fun.


Before I go into the Wednesday’s recap – I have to raise my glass of Port to the member of the Hazelspeeps who has been reading the blog faithfully enough to pull a holiday season funny in response to my version of the Twelve Days of Christmas –

On the second day of Christmas I wish Hazel would give to me - 2 "Hazel-approved" pics for the yahoo site... hey, give me a break, its Christmas!

So when I logged on to the Yahoo site today there were two new pictures of Hazel – so smart Alec or Alexander as it may be (remember...Hazelspeeps has Tina as a member) bravo, good show and thanks for the laugh – now if you wanna run those by Hazel to see if you can get her “Okie Dokie” on them…be my guest. Ha ha ha. I know a blogger in Boston would certainly have approved of one of them…I wonder if he is a member of Hazelspeeps – how whacked would that be huh?

So to the honoured and valued member of Hazelspeeps…good show – we’ll discuss the group policy on posting Hazel’s pics (psst. they should be pics that she has knowingly posed for ie. NESN publicity stuff – stuff that she knows could/would make internet – it’s only right). By the way…dude have you downloaded any songs of the day? Lemme know what you thought of Koteja by Stewart Copeland (which I was just listening to).

Now Playing…Suedehead – Morrissey


I know that is Portuguese – but the long distance phone card scam has finally hit the major news providers. MSNBC carried the story today – talk about being on top of sports news huh? Well, the word it out and the names of the defendants being sued have been made public – a couple of them are Hazel’s buddies…they helped easy her transition into the world of boston sports. I hope things work out for them.

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New Englanders won’t get this reference…but Hazel might – and Canadians definitely will. In Monday’s Leafs/Devils game, Darcy Tucker took off Cam Janssen’s helmet during a fight and proceeded to hit him twice with it – both shots caught shoulder pad. Tucker received a match penalty and was fined $2,500. After watching the way he went to town on Janssen, you gotta wonder how long before Tucker replaces that geeky “Stepford Husband” and starts pitching a new mallet or driver for Crappy Tire.

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Word is somebody bought the St. Louis Blues...given that, you will have to forgive my lack of motivation to find out more or post a link.

The reference is to that old Arnie and Danny Devito movie. Eric Wilbur (the "Arnie") writes a pretty insightful, well written and funny blog about the Boston Red Sox - I'm a regular reader. The guy writes some great stuff and doesn't take himself too seriously. Then you have Jack Edwards writing about the Bruins. His recap of the Leafs/Bruins home and home last week was straight out of a elementary school playground. Case in point, straight from the desk of Jack -

Tie Domi told Dan LaCouture, after LaC used the classic over-and-under method to win a unanimous decision at the Garden Thursday night, "I'm gonna kill you tomorrow night." Yeah right, Tie. What - you were going to assault Dan's fists with your face? The game was too close in Toronto and Domi didn't want to end up with the reddest nose this side of Rudolph, and it's history now.

Jack, umm...well. See...Tie Domi isn't really a heavyweight anymore. He fights once in a while, but he rarely wins anymore. He's been through the wars, he's a warrior - albeit an aging one. But to write something like that? Come on now - When LaCouture takes on a true heavyweight like George Laracque or someone like that...then talk. But Tie Domi? Geez his prime Tie would have lunched LaC like he lunched Probert all those years ago.

And Jack..the Zhamnov call for hooking on Allison? You been watching the NHL lately? Its called every damn night - you can't lay a finger on Crosby without being called for holding or something. Let's chat Jack...

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Rafael Palmeiro still doesn't know how he tested positive for steroids. He has no clue of what happened...can't pinpoint anything...someone must have done something - but oh yeah, he takes responsibility for it. haha

Now Playing, for Rafael... Stranger In My House - Tamia (pretty good song - download it)

Is it just me...or is the Chickenhawk using the Boston Red Sox as his blueprint? The Blue Jays announced that they have traded for Troy Glaus - seems to me that Toronto is going with a couple of good solid starters and are going to try to outhit everyone, a la Boston. We'll see...I mean, Toronto STILL has Eric Hinske.

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Well, that about wraps it up for me. Work comes early tomorrow.

Have a great one peeps - especially Hazelspeeps new PR person, whoever he or she may be...nice work!

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world...and I hope you got a chuckle out of this if you are checking in.

Adam (a.k.a - Sleuth)...if you are checking in - don't rake me over the coals for being a smart ass tonight...I couldn't resist. Seriously, check in man. Have a very Happy New Year.

Song of the Night on Hazelspeeps...because whether you make it on here as a winner of a Hazie, or a "not-so-heroic" mention...or part of the Weird and Whacked Wednesday entry...

Everyone's A Winner - Hot Chocolate

Peesth Out!


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