Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Weird and Whacked Wednesday Part I

Hey Peeps, and anyone else checking in. A special “Hey” goes out to Ms. Hazel Mae.

A nice day to come back to work – weather was dreary, but relatively warm. No traffic on the drive in today (or the rest of the week I suspect). So if you have checked in to see what stories have made Weird and Whacked Wednesday recap (believe it or, some people actually do..who’da thunk it?) , I will apologize now for not having had time to put it all together…later tonight.

Last night I mentioned that former Expo/Red Sox (among others) reliever Jeff Reardon had been arrested for armed robbery. The initial story from the wire had Reardon saying that the anti-depression medication he is on was responsible for the events that had taken place earlier in the day. While my first reaction upon hearing this was “Hmmmm really?” … I have changed my mind a little. If you are reading this, and you also looked at this with a healthy dose of scepticism…I suggest you read Dan Shaughnessy’s article in today’s edition of the Boston Globe. The last couple of years have been torture for Reardon…while Shaughnessy lays it on a bit thick,(reminding readers that Reardon is a native of Massachusetts and highlighting his high school and university achievements), he presents a compelling case for looking at Reardon’s case with compassion and understanding.

I know this is not going to be a popular sentiment…but I am already growing very tired of Sidney Crosby and the scripted soundbites he puts out there every damn night. For those of you in New England who weren’t lucky enough to get the CBC feed of the Leafs/Penguins game last night, the second intermission featured an interview with the NHL”s new “Jesus”. I know he is going to be a very very good (I won’t say great yet) player…but this guy is already being groomed to be full of crap. Crosby, when asked about is relationship with former coach Ed Olczyk said “Looking back on things, Ed Olczyk helped me a lot.” Looking back on things? He’s played what – 35 games? There he was talking about how Olczyk helped his career and development…Note to his PR people…HE’S EIGHTEEN – stop turning him into the NHL’s very of Gary Coleman or any other child star who is supposed to come off looking and speaking like an adult. Stop trying to cover for the “It was time for a change…” garbage he spouted after the firing.

Speaking of the Penguins…Michel Therrien, the Pens new head coach when asked about the play of the Penguins also couldn’t help himself from taking a shot at Eddie O, claiming the team was playing much better than before. When pushed by Ron MacLean, Therrien said that while the Pens weren’t exactly where they wanted to be, they were still playing much better and that the effort was definitely there. Therrien must be a disciple of NESN” Jack Edwards, because with an 0-4 record (2 O/T losses), he shouldn’t be taking shots at Eddie O. Proof positive that task-master (and brown noser) Therrien is full of crap – Mark Recchi’s view on things were different. Recchi was interview between periods of last night’s game and according to him – the effort was inconsistent at best. MacLean pretty much quoted Therrien when he asked Recchi about he viewed the Pens energy level and work eithic/effort – Recchi’s response? “I wouldn’t say that it’s been better on a consistent basis” going on to say that there have been flashes, but not where it needs to be winning hockey games at the NHL level. Therrien names an 18 year old rookie as an alternate captain…nice call Michel – I’m sending you a case of Chap-stik – we’ll see what you can do with the collection of big name free-agent floaters and twilighters Craig Patrick signed.

Before anyone reminds me that the Maple Leafs were the team that once named an 18 year old kid by the name of Wendel Clark as their captain – big difference. Wendel was an 18 year old man that inspired his team with his physical play, raising the collective toughness and guts of his team. Crosby has been coached on how to speak like a leader – his words are hollow…But I’m sure he’ll have a great career.

Ok, I gotta skidattle - but I'm thinking about a Weird and Whacked Wednesday Year End Recap, any ideas for some nominees? Ok, on the one of the reasons I checked in this morning -

The good cheer you take with you will be well received and put you in everyone's good graces for the upcoming year. Your thoughtfulness will be remembered and the troubleshooting done along the way appreciated. 5 stars

Nice day ahead for Hazel...

Have a great one peeps…Hazel I hope things are groovy in your world!

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps…for Sidney Crosby
Rudy Can’t Fail – The Clash.

For Hazel? My new favourite song – just heard it this morning…you gotta hear it.
Precious – Depeche Mode

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