Friday, December 30, 2005

NFL Week 17 - My Last Chance

Hey Peeps, and anyone else checking in. As always a special "Hey" goes out to Ms. Hazel Mae.

New Year's Eve brings us a couple of NFL Football games - and a full slate of action in the NHL...the only important game being the Leafs/Devils match up. So this week is my last shot at winning a week in my Spreads Pool, and winning back my entry fee + entry into the suicide playoff pool (I finished second last year which netted me a big fat zero).

As of Saturday morning - no word from Hazel on her NFL picks this use these at your own peril. I will say this, I am taking a chance with some of these picks (spreads locked on Wednesday) - so I'll probably win the week, or finish dead last. Again, use at your own risk.


16) KANSAS CITY -3.5 over Cincinnati - Carson Palmer may play...may not. Trent Green and Larry Johnson are on fire. Chiefs still in the hunt for a playoff spot and almost unbeatable at home in December. While these are all good reasons... Thoughts of Hazel Mae = Chiefs. I have only gone against them twice this year; once vs the Pats and I got burned, and once against the Cowboys (we don't talk about that game on this blog). Ok...Yes I am sucking up to Hazel - again! Chiefs win by 10.

Straight up pool - Kansas City (11)

15) NEW ENGLAND - 6.5 over Miami - Tom Brady getting ready for the playoffs...Pats playing for number 3 seed in AFC. Did I not say a few weeks back that they would win the Super Bowl? Cold and snow in New England Sunday. Pats by 10

Straight up pool - New England (12)

14) New Orleans +13.5 over TAMPA BAY - New Orleans always plays the Bucs tough...and besides, I don't think the Bucs can blow anyone out - Chuckie pulls some starters if they go up big...New Orleans covers. Tampa by 13

Straight up pool - Tampa (15)

13) DALLAS -12.5 over St. Louis - Hazel Karma going Dallas' way this week (Carolina is going to lose) - Bledsoe and Jones have big games to lead Cowboys into the playoffs. St. Louis' loss last week caused a split in the suicide pool...I hate them. Dallas by 14

Straight up Pool - Dallas (14)

12) SAN DIEGO -8.5 over Denver - Schottenheimer's teams always play great when it doesn't mean anything. Denver is going to be resting tomorrow - Marty whips his troops into a good end of season performance. San Diego by 11

Straight up pool - San Diego (13)

11) ATLANTA +3.5 over Carolina - Hazel Karma works against Carolina...and for Dallas. Ron Mexico and the Falcons play ball control game. Oh yeah, Panthers are road wimps too. Dunn and Duckett too much for Carolina. Atlanta by 6

Straight up pool - Atlanta (6)

10) Chicago +3.5 over MINNESOTA - Grossman is expected to play a lot - so is Brad Johnson, who by the way has not played well against a good defence. Bears D makes a statement on Sunday. Bears by 3

Straight up pool - Chicago (3)

09) Washington -5.5 over PHILADELPHIA - I would love for Hazel Karma to work against the Redskins this weekend...but they have too much for the Eagles or rather, Eagles have too little for Skins. Lefty is going for the Skins. Washington by 7

Straight up pool - Washington (7)

08) JACKSONVILLE -3.5 over Tennessee - Leftwich is expected to get a few reps...and the Titans just want to end the season. Jacksonville by 6

Straight up pool - Jacksonville (8)

07) INDIANAPOLIS -6.5 over Arizona - Dungy is back and Colts won't want to finish the season with 3 straight losses. Indianapolis by 9.

Straight up pool - Indianapolis (10)

06) CLEVELAND +3.5 over Baltimore - Yes Boller got a Hazie this week...but Crennell whips the Browns into shape after last week's pathetic performance. Oh yeah, Baltimore is 0 - 7 on the road. Cleveland by 3

Straight up pool - Cleveland (4)

05) PITTSBURGH -16.5 over Detroit - Giving up that many points to anyone is a bit scary. Who knows how long starters last after they build up big lead. Steelers run their way to a 17 point victory.

Straight up pool - Pittsburgh (16)

04) OAKLAND +7.5 over NY Giants - The Giants are banged up...they win the game, but Moss and Jordan keep it close. Oakland uses this game to try to prove to the country they aren't that bad...I hate to say it - I think its Norv Turner. Giants by 6

Straight up pool - NY Giants (9)

03) Houston -1.5 over SAN FRANCISCO - With the first pick of the 2006 Entry Draft, San Francisco selects, from the University of Southern California, Reggie Bush. Houston by 3

Straight up pool - Houston (1)

02) GREEN BAY -2.5 over Seattle - Alexander scores a 1st quarter TD and leaves. Favre's last game maybe? Seattle doesn't care this Sunday...Green Bay by 3

Straight up pool - Green Bay (2)

01) Buffalo -1.5 over NY JETS - Don't like this game...something tells me Herman Edwards MIGHT coax a win out of his team..."might".

Straight up pool - Buffalo (1)

There you have it for this weekend. I gotta get up and outta here.

It's a new year headed your way with great new possibilities. You will have the discipline now to finish what you couldn't in the past. Follow through, do your best and promote whatever you believe in. 2 stars

Have a great one peeps...I'll be back later to wish one and all a happy new year.

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world!

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Peesth out!


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